I noticed in Portugal that most people didn’t grow a garden. When I talked with a Portuguese women about this, she said the Portuguese buy a lot of their food from Spain. Now that I’m in Spain, I can definitely see it. There are rows of crops & fruit trees. I saw hectors (acres) of covered crops, which is what the trend is in Oregon, to extend the growing season.

20130510-094652.jpg These were strawberry’s closest to the road, but you can see on the left how far the covers go, forever!
While biking into Huelva, Spain as I hit the major highway into town an awesome Bike Path appeared. I followed it straight into town.


After a beautiful 6km ride into town, who was there to greet me, but non other than McDonald’s

Since I love tours, I signed up for the Tapa tour, 3 restaurants with drinks included. It was very fun, the people were awesome, especially the Quebec girls, Amy & Roxane. They actually thought I was funny, WTF.

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I inquired about Friday’s Bike Tour, she said it started a 7. I said 7 in the morning? No 7pm, All of Seville lives at night and sleeps in the morning. She said no one is up that early, that was my cue to get up early and ride around town. There are literally thousands of people on the streets of Seville during the day. I got up at 5 am and started riding, it was so nice to have the bike paths along the river to myself. Just walking around town you have to dodge all the people. (maybe time for a little birth control) Below are some photos I took this morning.



Plaza Espana


  1. Stanley Huynh

    Seville looks nice despite the retarded Spanish architect , some parts looks like america.
    the agriculture sucks , GMO everywhere, spain is a beautiful country, since the civil war with Franco, Spanish chose a dangerous way of development and real estate speculation….

  2. Kathryn Reder

    Interesting about people not growing food in Portugal – not even gardens. I’m contemplating what that means on a grander scale…Kathryn


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