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ON THE ROAD AGAIN: Driving from Portland to San Francisco to go finish the bike tour. (part I)

The injury is healing fine ( though somewhat painfully).  I’m taking a week to get to San Francisco and hopefully heal more before biking again.  First heading to Bend Oregon for 4 days.   But first brunch at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood.  It’s snowing and my car won’t make it up the hill.  I must park and take the bus up.


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This has definitely been the micro brewed beer tour.  Lagunitas  brewery was a must visit for me in Petaluma.  I pinched the bus from Bodega Bay to Santa Rosa.  I called an old acquaintance (friend?) that I grew up with, in Sunnyvale.  I called him so I could come visit his winery.  He said he was too sick to see me, yet he wasn’t sick enough to go to work and meet with clients & interact with his coworkers.  He mentioned he read my blog when I biked across Europe, yet never posted a message to me?  The moral of the story? The rumors I heard 40 years ago were proven to be true. So Fuck You Bob F., I wouldn’t walk across the street to your funeral.
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