ON THE ROAD AGAIN: Driving from Portland to San Francisco to go finish the bike tour. (part I)

The injury is healing fine ( though somewhat painfully).  I’m taking a week to get to San Francisco and hopefully heal more before biking again.  First heading to Bend Oregon for 4 days.   But first brunch at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood.  It’s snowing and my car won’t make it up the hill.  I must park and take the bus up.


Timberline Lodge was a jobs creation project in 1936.  About 100 artisans & craftsmen were on site at any given time.  Beautifully carved wood can be found everywhere.

I hitchhiked back to the car, by that time the roads were clear and safe.  Oregon is a beautiful state, I feel lucky to have lived here for 35 years.  I’m going to visit MJ (horsey girl) in Bend.  But first I stop at the Peterson’s Rock Garden, because I love rocks!

I’m staying a night at the hostel Bunk & Brew.  MJ has to work, so I want to play around downtown.  Bend is a Beer town with 28 micro-breweries, all within walking distance (if you can still walk).  The town has run out of water for any new Brewery’s, so for now, no more brewery’s can be built in Bend.  There are great restaurants and gallery shops too.
Staying at Hostels always have something different and Bunk & Brew has some too.  Jessica and her pet chicken of 3 years wins that recognition here.

The injury was a bummer, but now I get to visit more of beautiful Oregon and  Crater Lake is my most favorite place in Oregon.  So I’m driving to Crater Lake for lunch but there are constant reminders along the way of how conservative Eastern Oregon really is.  I’ve biked the 35 miles around Crater Lake, 6 times over the years.
I met a German couple on the road and end up having lunch with them.  It’s the last lunch the lodge is serving until next spring.  It just snowed days before my arrival, it’s absolutely gorgeous out.

I’m off to Ashland to stay with my good friend, David (aka Chops).  He’s one of the most sincere and real people I know.  He’s 20 years younger than me and it’s fun to watch him navigate his life and new business.  I actually know 3 different people in Ashland and I visited them all.  Chops new girlfriend invited us for dinner.  Spaghetti squash with pesto-awesome!  Her home was surrounded by 4 different LARGE Marijuana farms.  If your thinking of growing Marijuana to make some money forget about it, the market is about to crash.

I had to make it 2 parts because the slow internet on the coast won’t download my latest photos.  So when the next good WiFi is available, I’ll finish the part II car tour to San Francisco.
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