Loaded up the new e-bike and headed first to Bohinj Lake, then to Kobarid and Bovec in Soca Valley. I’ve ridden this route several times before and usually stayed just one night at each campground. I’m staying 3-4 nights at each campground and doing some of the activities while I’m there: canyoning, rafting and local bike rides.

I use to jump start my bike touring by using the train. The e-bike has allowed me to leave Ljubljana at the start of every ride now. My goal is to tour “1 battery charge” for each segment. I went the “back way” to Bohinj Lake via of Zelezniki. Set the camp up, charged the bike and rode into Triglav Park, to the Sport Hotel Pokljuka. Had a great lunch and met Harry the hiker, a new Facebook friend.

I came to Bohinj about a month ago and the wild flowers weren’t in full bloom. I’m back and they’re out.

I rode back over Soriska pass to Kobarid. The route was a top five road in Slovenia, near 0 cars and brand new roads.

I’ve always wondered about “canyoning”, so I signed up to go. It was tough, from the straight up hike, to putting on the wet suit, rock climbing and jumping off waterfalls. As I was doing it, I thought, I could use a nap after this. They took a few photos and sent them to me. When I got home, I went to download them, gone (WTF?), I had only 7 days to get them. I’m super pissed.
I came to Kobarid to see the Beatles cover band HELP!. The photos from the concert are of a women having a wedding send off from her friends. Kobarid has a great little brewery and restaurant, HISA POLONKA. Staying at KAMP KOREN, best campground in Kobarid, best part? Super organized recycling for campers. Both Kobarid and Bovec are currently being overrun with mice. Biking along you see them flattened on the road. Before riding to Bovec I went by the Canyoning shop and asked them to make a new T-shirt, “I SURVIVED CANYONING”

It’s time to ride to Bovec and Thirsty River Brewing. The great discovory was Yurty Bar, the source for Kayak classes and rafting referrals and a great selection of Slovenian Craft Beers. Not visiting the Yurty Bar is a sin, just saying. I went rafting with the referral from Yurty Bar, I rafted with Alpska šola Bovec, best tour ever, not to be missed. The actual rafting is actually extra, the tour guide could have entertained us around the fire, rafting aside.

After bike touring for 50 years (yea that long), the best part is setting up camp (unloading your bike), and touring the local landscape & backroads. I rode to Italy to visit a local restaurant, tourist office said they were open, nope. It was a fun ride with the e-bike and a GREAT downhill.

Now it’s time to climb the Visic pass (with E-bike). I’ve ridden it twice before without the E-bike. Much easier than than the regular bike, no regrets getting the E-bike for touring.

Spent a few days in Kranjska Gora, did a day ride to Italy and visited Fuzine Lakes. Back in Slovenia, I took a dirt trail that I knew nothing about and in typical Slovenian style? A restaurant at the end. Slovenian’s burn a lot of wood, as you can see from the last photo.



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  1. Rachel Berrington

    Fun photos! It looks like no one is masking up there. I guess you guys are all vaccinated? If so, you are lucky. Have a great rest of your summer.


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