Thank you for a 3 hour bus layover, in Agadir, Morocco. I got some blog time now, while I watch football (soccer) in the cafe. I’ve been so busy, the third world travel is cheap but has a price, it’s a ton of work. Let me just say no bike here is alright. I met a women from New Zealand this morning, she’s biking around Morocco, Why? There’s barely room for the cars and trucks little lone a cyclist. After telling her about my travels, I think she may meet me in Spain, Abbey, is quite the rider though, been a lot of places.
Marrakesh definitely has got it going on, how? who knows? Some how this city is working, it’s pretty crazy on the streets. I’ve been hit on endlessly for “helping” me when I got lost. There’s no free advice, no tourist information building your on your own and the hundreds of independent businessmen that want to help, for a price. I ‘m riding the bus around town instead of taking a taxi, with the people, you know.

So my first day here, someone mentioned about it being the last day of a tanning festival. Then someone approached me and started talking, he passed me over to another person who “happen” to be going that way. I was almost there then I realized I was being scammed. I went to the “tannery”, that’s basically lots of dead animal skins (sheep,goat,cow,camel) and they stink BAD. A few pictures later I was in the showroom of rugs, purses, shoes and other misc. leather goods. They started bringing out the rugs, I just walked out. I got to the street and the guy who led me around wanted to get paid. I emptied my pocket of change ,handed it to him and he threw it back at me. They offered to show me the Tannery but whatever. F them.

I stumbled on the Earth Cafe, vegetarian/vegan while walking around town. It was such a calm from the storm I didn’t want to leave. I was looking through my guide book today and they gave it a must eat at place, good accidental score. I’ve been twice, so far.

I finally up loaded some photo’s and branded their location etc. I hope you all enjoy them, it took quite awhile to upload (3rd world internet)I

I’ve had to make some notes (on the iphone)
1. the women are working hard in the fields the men are sitting around drinking coffee, not everywhere or everyone, but alot.
2.We were in the middle of nowhere, there were plastic bags everywhere, I have no idea how they got there? It’s windy at times?
3. In Portugal someone asked how I afforded this trip, I told them I rented my house out, he commented that “I traded my house for a tent.” He said that’s what he was going to do.
4 Blame the lack of Blog work on the hash, enough said!
5. While on a tour, the mini-van was driving on the gravel shoulder because it was in better shape than certain parts of the road. If you look on a map you’ll see Merzouga is out there, way out there. I have no idea how they paved any of it.
6 I ate at McDonalds, I was too tired too deal with it. I told the guy last time I traveled around the world I had a Big Mac in every country. He told me these were the best because the animal is killed by Muslim tradition which is with a sawing action-I’m not kidding. The McDonald’s was packed for your information. It tasted like a Big Mac tastes, around the world the same (except Switzerland had the best)




  1. Looks like you are experiencing some unique parts. I get what you mean when you say everything is a lot of work or there is a price to pay. Keep on Truckin Jeff and be careful.

  2. Hey Jethro.. I met you in Seville on my tour and you gave me one of your cards so looked up your site. I’m thankful to be back in the good old US of A and out of Morocco. I must say I had a pretty good time in Asilyah (sp?)… was taken in my a hostel owner and treated like family along with stuffed crab dinner, a guided fishing trip with a Moroccan guide ( for free!!zero dollars!), tour of English friends mansion, etc, etc. but the rest of my stay there was not too enjoyable with all the hustle, scammers, beggars, etc… I tried to understand but just got tired of it after a while. Real pain in the ass feeling like you are a “mark” all the damn time. It gets old bro.

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