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  1. I’m following your story Jeff. As I knew you would, you are having the time of your life. Quite the traveler you are. It’s a bummer to get taken, so to speak, as in the “18 euro” issue. I know how I felt when I had my wallet picked on the subway in Paris even though I grabbed the urchin and got it back. I was very fortunate. So how is the money-planning going? Are you spending more, less or about what you expected? I’m getting the urge to join you, so don’t be too surprised if I show up. But it won’t be unannounced. STAY SAFE.

  2. Hi Jeff! I love to see your photos and read about your trip. Sounds like you are really enjoying it (except for the flu part). Your hair cut looks good. Thanks so much for the egg post card! I love getting them. Hope all is well and your are having great fun!!
    love, mary

  3. Buenos Dias Jeff,

    It’s been a while since I reviewed your blog. Why? It’s not easy for me to see what you’re doing. But you are certainly having the time of your life! Congrats for pulling it off. Doubt I’ll make it over there. Keep on riding and stay safe. By the way, I leave on 13 July for the John Muir Trail, 190-230 miles in 26 days with Brent. Glad my plantar faciatus (sic) has never returned; it’s been several years since I was afflicted with it. Backpacking would not be possible with that malady.

  4. Hey Jeff!
    We loved your blog, as we loved meeting you in Colera.
    After having biked through the Pyrénées, (which was really awesome) we are now back in Toulouse, and tomorrow we’ll head to the Ocean coast.
    We will for sure follow you on your blog!
    Elisa & Andrea
    (the Italian couple living in France)

  5. bon dia Jeff.
    El paquete “NO” esta ( in the Post)
    Descansa i despierta tranquilo.

  6. Just read your 6 July entry. It’s hard reading it, truly. Brent and I are off our 26-day backpack trip this Saturday, 13 July. We hike from July 15 till August 9, about 230 miles I’m figuring. We’ve all got to do what we’ve got to do. Keep enjoying your great trip.

  7. Hi Jeff!!!!!i’m Susan from supermarket of Colera…hahahaha supersmall!!!!how are you???

  8. Hi you ‘crazy’ man at breakfast in Pramousquier (camping) – that is how you asked me to call you. You have already gone long way. NICE photos!!! It was good to meet you. Hugs! Et bonne courage!!! Maria

  9. Hey Jeff! love those photos and comments. Sounds like you are having a great time. How was Neil in France? Wish I was there. Glad to hear the good word about France since I will be there next month. Take care and good biking,

  10. Hey Jeff! How is it going? I love your photos. What did you do about the pretty lady? I just returned from France. Sent a postcard to you. I love getting your postcards. Thanks so much. So, now do you know all the police in the country? ha-ha. I hope you are staying happy and healthy!!
    love, mary

  11. Hi Jeff! Hope all is well with you. I am in CO. right now with Paul and family. Still enjoying all of your great photos. Boy, that ocean water looks so wonderful. Sounds like you are having some super adventures. Take care,

  12. Hey Jeff…it’s your old neighbors! Sorry we missed your call, we were in Phoenix for the holidays. Sounds like you’re having a blast. Things have been good over here and your house looks great. Caitlin says she misses you and she hopes you come back soon! Sophie wants a pig’s ear too!
    Alex, Sarah, Caitlin and all the pets…

  13. Hey Jeff. It’s Sarah the girl from the market in the french Campsite ‘ Les criques de porteils’ ( hope you remember me). I am very happy to see all your pictures, it’s amazing i would like to be like you an explorer.
    I hope you are fine you and your family. i am going to follow your blog.
    hope to hear from you.

    1. Sarah,
      Of course I remember you, how could I forget that smiley face and perfect English, in France!
      I love hearing from people I’ve met on this journey. Thanks for following my blog, I appreciate it.
      Hope to see you in America or Slovenia sometime?

  14. Hi Jeff! We just met ‘by accident’ in the train from Amsterdam to The Hague. I hope you will have a nice time in The Netherlands.. I’ve read some of your stories and they are great! They have a really positive message, and I’ll try to read some more every day! The photos are great by the way!

  15. Hi Jeff,
    I enjoyed reading your blog. Time to bike the Vrsic pass!

    Now time to learn more the ‘med’ in Slovenian. It was nice meeting you and Natasa in Skofja Loka.

  16. Hey!
    I hope do you still remember me? I wonder if it is possible to send me a picture of me and Stanley…hmm I have also picture of me and you so please find me on Facebook under Jaka Škof.

  17. Mr Jeff, cowtamer here. Tried texting you several times with no luck. Crazy times for all of us with the virus. Just wanted to check in while you where heading to Italy. Anyway hope all is well and be safe. If you need a couple rolls of toilet paper let me know. I have some sandpaper I could send you. See ya

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