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ON THE ROAD AGAIN: Driving from Portland to San Francisco to go finish the bike tour. (part I)

The injury is healing fine ( though somewhat painfully).  I’m taking a week to get to San Francisco and hopefully heal more before biking again.  First heading to Bend Oregon for 4 days.   But first brunch at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood.  It’s snowing and my car won’t make it up the hill.  I must park and take the bus up.


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BIKING THE OREGON COAST PART II: Yachts, Florence, KOA, North Bend/Coos Bay.

To set the record straight, the Coast Bike Route on highway 101 on the Oregon Coast, is no holiday.  The cars are fast and the shoulder is from nothing to 6 ft (9 meters).  I will NEVER-EVER ride the Oregon coast again.  I’m staying at campgrounds their max stay- 3 days, just to avoid getting back on the highway.   I stop at all rock shops and most art galleries, I’ve been sending myself souvenirs all along the way.  There’s a huge Methamphetamine and Heroin problem all along the coast,  very sad.  I finally got a hair cut.



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BIKING THE OREGON COAST: Vernonia, Astoria, Manzanita, Cape Lookout, Newport.

I’m at the library in Florence Oregon on the Oregon coast.  I’m playing blog catch up.
I left July 15, exactly the day I wanted to leave.  I bummed a ride to the start of the Banks-Vernonia bike trail.  This tour I’m trying include many of the places I visited over the 42 years I lived in Oregon and one’s I haven’t.
I was a bike tour guide and use to bring people on this trail.  Starting the tour with no cars was great.  As I was biking past a large field, there were some Indians  (from India) playing cricket, that’s a hard game to learn.  The owner of the Blue House Cafe, a Mediterranean restaurant, he use to help me shuttle the van, back in the touring days.  They would always open the history museum too when I brought a tour through town.
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