2015 ends and I have posted over 160 stories.  I feel like some of the better than average posts are lost in the shuffle, so I’m going to bullet some of the stories, no particular order.

I didn’t have any kids, so this gave me time to volunteer. I won several volunteer awards.. A drunk driver went around a cyclist who had a rear light. He didn’t see the next two cyclist, he ran them over and killed them. The rear flashing light is less the $5. I applied for a state grant to give out free bike lights., Get Lit. It later expanded to free helmets too. I ran the program for several years. In the end I ended up giving away $100,000 worth of lights and helmets. Accidents discourage cycling, we more cycling, not less. Volunteering is rewarding.
Here’s a video from the news story on TV about the Get Lit program