Riding from Barcelona was awesome at first, got lost a little saw more monuments and art. I cant download the pictures from my phone yet. While riding I wanted to find a bakery and get a chocolate croissant. Found a place and bought two chicken sandwiches with a multmulti- grain bread & covered with seeds. I’ve been dying for some good bread. The hostel gave just white bread, 4 breakfasts of that was too much. The croissant, over the top both ends of the croissant were heavily dipped in chocolate. I stood outside the bakery and ate it. It was so good I went in and told the baker how much I liked it. He gives me a bottle of water to go, this trip has been so awesome.
I rode the esplanades for probably 15km . I had a head wind all day of probably 35km. I was getting worked real hard. After the esplanades ended it was rough out there. Between the beach towns it was 2 lanes in one direction, no shoulder and a guardrail. I stopped and considered taking the commuter train that runs right next to the ocean. I would sometimes ride on the left side on the sidewalk, but that ended when the town ended.
I finally made it to the Barcelona Campground. Hot shower, swim and cooked some-dinner. I couldn’t get the tent stakes in, so I asked around and borrowed this really fun French couples hammer. We stayed up late talking, she spoke great english and he was good too. She did some translation it was a really fun night. Parking and driving is so difficult in Barcelona that the campground gives a free shuttle ride several times a day to Barcelona for people staying there. Camping cost nearly what it cost to park in Barcelona. The bus takes about 45 minutes. Everyone tries to avoid the toll so they take the coast road instead, so its packed. It should only take 30 minutes.
Something good about Morocco, Im still eating the dates I got in there.
I bought starbucks De-caf by accident so on the way out of the campground I stopped at the office and offered them to the clerk, she said she drinks De-caf. She was so happy, she goes, its Starbucks, it must be good. There were at least 10 starbucks in Barcelona.
So Im on the guardrail highway again, not fun. I see the train station and decide to try it. I put the bike and me on for $5. Maybe went 25-30km? Talked to this German guy who was living there, he inherited his fathers apartment and restaurant. Said the person renting the restaurant hasn’t paid rent in 8 months and was getting an attorney to evict. He told me he had biked where I was going. Said it was some of the most beautiful coast in Spain, so far hes right. Reminds me of Big Sur along Highway 1 in California, except theres less cars here.
I bike to Cala Llevado campground. The ocean is a little cliffish around here. So for 12 euro or $16 I get a nudist beach, regular beach, swimming pool overlooking the Mediterranean,super clean facilities. I feel like I’m living a dream. I went down to the ocean and body surfed (nude), had a hit, went up to the pool and swam some laps. Im cooking some dinner and I don’t know much after that.





I asked for a table and chair presto, were in.
Till next time



  1. Fun! I have been to a lot of the campgrounds you’re going to, but it was 20 years ago and I was living in an old VW bus. Super nice and luxo. Not a lot of americans camp in europe, so you get to meet mostly european tourists. Very cool, Jeff! I remember the Barcelona city campground. We stayed there for a week and we made friends there that we traveled with for the next month. Ended up on this secluded beach called Cabo de Gata where we vagabond camped for a week with a bunch of hippies and hiked to a town with no occupants except for a naked hermit. Good times. : )

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