I sLOVEnia, I`m not alone

This little country of 2 million has won me over. I received an interesting email a couple days ago. From a fellow Portlander, who is also taken by Slovenias charm…..
Hi Jeff,
Tyler Robertson here at Two Wheel Travel. A friend who manages Camping Bled forwarded a link to your blog. I just read a few posts. Nice stuff.

I’m actually from Portland too, and currently touring Slovenia with my partner, Carolyn. We love the place. This is our second tour in SLO We’ve been here for about 8 weeks, save a few days in Austria and Italy when the road weaves across and back…

It would cool to cross paths if we ever found ourselves in the same vicinity. Currently we are north of Ljubljana and heading east-ish for a few days then back around to Ljubljana in a week, then south along the Croatia/SLO border.

I couldn’t tell from your blog if you actually got a working SLO sim or not, but if so drop us a call or email when you can.
Talk soon.–
Tyler Robertson
+01.503.898.0764 US

So i`m not alone regarding my experiences here in Slovenia, speaking of alone, I`m constantly being asked if i`m traveling alone? I look them in the eyes and say No I`m with you now, they always laugh. But then, yes is the answer. I explain I had invited 2 friends to join me on this journey and neither of them would or could commit. I told them 2 years before I left what I was planning to do, explore the Mediteraean by bicycle. One bought a sea kayak, he said he couldn`t pass it up, I knew then,he wasn`t coming. He suggested we tour the U.S., sorry no, I can do that when I`m old. The other made plans to hike the Pacific Coast Trail in California and go scuba diving in Alaska. At this time I want to thank them both for not coming. It has worked out better than I had ever expected. Traveling alone has been anything but alone. In Venice I kind of stayed in my room and I thought about why? I couldn`t take anymore stimulus for awhile, this has been a non~stop adventure, I couldn`t take anymore fun, I needed to Chill out for awhile and thanks to air conditioning, I did just that.
Last night down on the lake dock this couple was fishing.

I talked with a friend recently who said he was in Europe on his own for a month and met tons of people. Then a friend joined him for the 2nd month, he didn`t meet anyone after that. When I come to a small town I feel like a celebrity. I`m constantly being bought coffee or sodas, I get invited to dinner often. Here in Slovenia the invitations are as forth coming and heart warming.

The internet is down at the campground, I hitchhiked into down. But Im going to try and get my GREAT Lakes story done.
Ride On

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  1. Hi Jeff,
    What Tyler forgot to mention is that we are spending so much time here because we are researching a Bicycle Traveller’s Guide to Slovenia– the best routes around the whole country, with cultural places to visit, things to do off the bike and great places to eat & sleep! That’s how much we love it here– we want to share the experience with others!!!

    Greetings from the Posavje region in Brezice!

  2. Hi Carolyn … heading to Slovenia in mid May 2014 and wondering what areas you recommend for touring other than the usual northwest corner that everyone seems to do.

  3. Hi Helle!! Thanks for asking!! The NW corner is quite spectacular, but there are some great routes into and out of it through great wine country! I’ll send you an email with some suggestions and some more questions for you. We are hoping to launch our book by early spring!!


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