It’s called Jeffsbiketour for a reason, I love biking and want everyone to experience the best way to travel.  A lot of bike travellers I meet, ride everyday and miss exploring the local areas, by bike.  Last time, I rode to URA E MESIT (The middle bridge), this time I drove.


There was a restaurant I had lunch at 3 years ago,  I decided to go have lunch there again.  I know this sounds funny, but he remembers me.  He suggested I have a traditional dish from this region, I agree.  I see a Hummer, I had to take the picture.  Someone told me the Albanian mafia guys drive those for awhile till they’re either stolen or the owner is killed, nice.

Everyone talked about Theth, it’s only 75 km from Shkodra, but takes almost 3 hours to drive there.  If I drive out there, it’s nearly 6 hours of driving, no thanks.  So I decide to drive for just one hour to explore the route as a potential bike trip.  Score

I will be doing a bike trip to Theth in the very near future.  I didn’t want to drive all the way and ruin the beauty of biking there.  But here’s a few Google Photos of Theth., you can see why I want to go.
I had photographed Albanian traditional rugs in the museums, but I really wanted to buy one.  Much to my surprise, they were having an open market in the square and they were selling rugs.  I couldn’t decide which one?
Albanians are real creative survivors, they fix 99cent lighters, sell clothes from their cars, do recycling using a cargo bike, re-dying old leather jackets, selling chickens from their bike,  walnuts, even loose leaf tobacco. basically doing whatever it takes.  I saw several people who had scales and would weigh you for a few cents, The one that I thought was pretty cool, was the guy with the telescope, whatever it takes.

I went to the communist era prison, now a tourist destination.  Pretty grim really.  But there happened to be a group of  high schoolers visiting too.  I talked with a couple of them, one invited me to ride the Koman Ferry, pretty funny really.  I had to take some photos of the many American influences.  I found the Santa Claus hat at the Roma Camp, had it washed and wore it around town, I love having fun.

I have just one more posting left from my 3 week Albanian travels.  I think I said this in the last post, “I’m trying to figure out how soon I can go back.”
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  1. New blog format. I love these places you are going. People living so simply – fixing lighters, no less! Beautiful countryside! Enjoying Kona and loving the warmth. Hugs

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