BIENVENIDO A ESPANA (welcome to Spain)

I don’t take a lot of pictures, but the few are stories, from me. Again the economy is struggling.

20130508-220153.jpg This is the esplanade in Monte Gordo, nobody in sight, it’s so beautiful and so quiet.

Then their was this development outside of town, every unit empty, Vende Se (for Sale)
The tourism lady sent me on a big bike journey, one thing about short riding days, is you get time to explore where you are.

She sent me back out on the highway and said there was a bike path through the national park. It was pretty awesome.

This were some flamingos hanging out, I yelled out to get them to fly, they wanted no part of that, they just walked around and flapped their beautiful wings.

I was bragging about the great camping, well I got burned again. No Pool and these were the toilets, start squatting! There’s a handy brush on the wall, in case you want to leave it clean for the next person.

Riding the ferry from Portugal to Spain (about 10 minuts)

They gave me directions to the Vodafone store, I showed them my police photos from Tavir and they asked if I wanted their picture? Well hell yes I do!

I may have to start eating beef again.
I rode to Lepe Spain today, got a Hotel, recharge my batteries (mine &; the phones). She wanted 22 Ero, I said how about 20? OK. Then I went and took a shower, it was awesome & the water glass was real glass, not plastic, I brought her the other 2 Euro, the room is great.
I just read through this a lot happens in a day and a half.

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