Sidi Ifni, Morocco

Thanks to Ken Southerland’s advice on a city in Morocco to visit and place to stay Suerta Loca. Ken & Heidi are traveling around the world visit them HERE
I’m in Sidi Ifni where it’s pretty mellow compared to crazy Marrakesh. I bought a bag of dates at the Farmers Market here today, got 5x’s as many dates at 1/5 the price that I paid in Marrakesh. Bought plums and bananas, I haven’t eaten bananas in 12 years in the states, so this is a treat, for sure. They have those really sweet little ones. I spent some money at the market today. $100 worth of jewelry, knife, Mickey Mouse ring for Stanley and misc. stuff. Trust me, it made their day and mine. Got the Laundry done today (who cares?) ME.
At the farmers market their was a ton of used shoes, it was so weird. Where did they get them?.

There were hundreds of shoes almost every 4th booth had used shoes. I found out today that the shoes are from Europe.

I bought a kilo of strawberries today for $2.50 and some yogurt. I shared them with the german lady in red and her 14 year old son who’s here surfing.

This is my our beautiful host Malika and the Suerta Loca
I biked both north and south, north is the arched rocks along the beach.


This is the “bike” surf shop rental office.
Then the trip north was really enlightening, those plastic bags that being banned around the world? Well they need to be banned here. I actually took a bag to the farmers market and wanted to put the strawberrys in it, he wouldn’t do it, he wanted me to have a new bag. Anyway south was the landfill and an ocean of plastic bags in the surrounding area while the garbage was being burnt. Burning plastic, nice smell and great for the environment.

I suspect a plastic bag or two & a few plastic water bottles are mine.
The King of Morocco is trying to do the Portugal thing here and build a bunch of condos and try to attract tourist. So on the south ride I went by a cement plant that was making port construction walls. There had to be a thousand of them. They current port wall is to small their going big time.

Look closely and compare the size of the cement tops to the trucks,
I moved to a hotel with an unobstructed ocean view, I can’t afford that at home but for 2 nights I can afford it here.

I have photos Here
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Thanks for following this trip. 3 more days for Morocco, then back to the bike. I think bike travel probably cost 1/2 as much as what I’m doing now.

2 thoughts on “Sidi Ifni, Morocco

  1. So, you traded in your bike for a camel, no?
    The bike is less work, trust me, it’s only temporary, I actually miss the bike and biking. I find biking to be the most enjoyable and affordable means of travel.

  2. great photos, Jeff. looks like you are really getting to see a lot. I can highly recommend Fes, but i dont’ know if you are going that far north. there is a tannery there too! : )

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