Im back in Seville, Spain. I haven’t decided whether I loved Morocco or I’m to old to deal with all the crap that comes with traveling in an emerging country (3rd world). My computer keyboard broke so typing and the blog were difficult. I don’t remember if I mentioned this before, but the Moroccon’s shake your hand, smile in your face, call you friend, meanwhile they have their other hand and thoughts on whats in the wallet in your pocket. I was taken my first week, I got to the point where I started to trust noĆ·one. The last day I got so sick of it that I talked the guy who sold little packets of kleenex to tourist down, because I didn’t want to pay his asking price. Thats not who I am.
I made random notes on my Iphone note pad.
1. Someone came through the bus station selling plain white plates. What?
2. I dont drink alcohol for whatever reason, but traveling, drinking can double your cost if your not careful. If I have one year of money Id rather not drink and travel the full year instead of just 6 months.
3.when I met a Moroccon and told them I was from the USA, they yelled back OBAMA! he’s loved down here.
4.When visiting Sidi Ifni, I went to a local restaurant, I asked for a menu and he took me out to the sidewalk and pointed to the pizza place down the street. I looked at him and laughed and so did he, it was definitely a LOCALS ONLY place. The pizza was good, vegetarian.
5. Just my Mortgage is $50 a day, the camel trip was only $35 a day.
6. Theres more pan handlers in Portland than Morocco, and we have more opportunity than in Morocco to better your life.
just some observations
I got a photo with a couple of Policemen in Portugal. Then when I got to Spain I showed them the Portugal photo,they offered to have their picture with me, so yes I did. Well that wont happen in Morocco, it is FORBIDDEN. I heard that over and over.

I couldn’t resist this shot


Or her
Back to Fez
Heres where it gets fuzzy, the hotel advertised free WIFI, it was broken for the 3 days I was there and Im guessing probably longer. I paid for my there nights then started to realize they were remodeling the upstairs, so I stayed away during the day because of the all day hammering. So I got up early and searched for the nice hotels that had the big tour buses in front. I would go in and use the internet then treat myself to the breakfast buffet. Travel is adventuresome and trying at times.
The french influence is awesome, with all the bakeries.

I found this awesome chicken place near the hotel, I ate there every night. Of course it got more expensive each time, plus americans tip. First night I got 1/4 chicken, then I got 1/2 chicken the next night, then I got a whole chicken and made sandwiches for the train.

I usually do the thumbs up, they did it without any coaxing. They were really great people and the chicken and BBQ sauce were over the top great

Another interesting thing was the human parking meters, people who help you park, collected money and watched your car for you.

They worked for the city government and were on nearly every street.
Theres so much more, but Im tired.

So I walk out to get my bus to the airport, it drives by as I’m walking up. So its hot I wait maybe 10 minutes and decide to just get a cab~they’re everywhere.The bus is $4, so I offer the cab guy $7.50, he nods and waves me in. As we get close to the airport his car dies, out of gas, just short of the airport, then he wants $13 for the cab ride that fell short. I should have paid him nothing and walked but I didn’t. I paid him the agreed price but again I didn’t receive the agreed upon service, thank you & farewell Morocco, for a long long time. My photos are here

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