I see on facebook where some people think Apple is full of itself or that the I-Phone sucks. Apple products are widely respected and used by many people around the world. If you were Apple and your product was used by millions of people, you might be a little full of yourself too. To be inside the circle (living IN America) and complaining about anything is ridiculous. Sure we want it our way, but come on. For those of us that live in America, were in the eyes of the world. We are still the envy for many people around the world (not everyone but a lot) . I have both young and old people tell me almost daily, their dream is to come to America, for a visit or to live.
Audrey who I camped next to, spent a year in Los Angeles. She comes to America every chance she can get. Her email is AudreyLAWomen@….. They struggle here in France her husband, has been to Afghanistan several times, as a soldier. Most of us are so far removed from the conflicts our country is involved in. Just living in America.

Their little boy Theodore is 20 months old and super fun(ny).

Before I met Audrey’s parents (they were camping too), they heard I was from Portland so they went to the Internet (from America) to learn something about Portland. When they walked up he said ™CITY OF THE ROSES™ I about fell over, laughing. He didn’t speak very much English, so that made it very funny, too.
The grocery stores in America have a selection of coffee thats unimaginable and a grinder so you can have your making preference. I`ve never seen that option here, anywhere. You can buy food in every form, frozen, fresh, canned, cooked, ready to eat meals, fresh blueberries in January.
But all of this comes at a price~Climate Change is for real, the U.S. the worlds leading producer of CO2 on a per person basis, is doing nothing. Its all about the economy (MONEY) , it is so short sighted. The extra dollar you make short changing the environment will be spent mitigating the effects of climate change. Mother Earth isn`t going to put up with it.. Something as simple as lowering the speed limit could cut CO2, 20%, but you can`t step on our freedoms. Our privileged attitudes is killing OUR home, planet earth. Just ask the people of ALASKA
Yet the economy is proving to be sacrificed for just the top 1% of the population according to Obama. If all of society benefited from the environmental consequences, maybe you could understand this pro-economy attitude, but it`s not trickling down. 57% of soon to retire Americans have $25,000 saved for retirement. Your estimated to live another 20 years after you retire. $25,000 might last one year, if your lucky. So a chosen few are really the winners in all this. I`ve only been to 3 countries on this trip, so far. I have not seen nearly the homeless problem that is happening in my city, Portland.
This part of Europe is world renowned for it`s economic problems. But again, I don`t see the homeless problems like in the U.S. Spain may be having economic problems, but some of their investments have been good for the general population. You can take reliable public transportation to anywhere in the country. I took the train to Colera, Spain and its just a town of less than 600 people. The U.S. hasn`t invested in public transportation like Europe has, which is an investment in the average person and the environment.
Americans have one of the lowest percentage of passport holders in the world. Our perspective of how the rest of the world lives is far removed from our eyes. I offered my brother a ticket to Costa Rica to stay at a house I had for a week on the beach. His response, Americas the best why would I want to leave? He’s not alone.
I’ve had pizza out several times, the olives still had the pits in them, there are so many small things in America we take for granted.
The bar code is used around the world, invented in America. When I went snorkeling in Spain I heard the rip of velcro-invented in America. We have touched so many lives around the world with our inventions.
If your handicapped in France your moving to America. I was on the sidewalk at a train station in front of 3 handicapped parking spots, not one ramp to get up or down, with my bike or wheelchair for that matter. I rarely see anyone out and about in a wheelchair, there are curbs EVERYWHERE.
When I was in St. Tropez, the Porsches, Lamborghini, Masserati and all the huge and expensive boats, are some of what the 1% are buying. The fancy cars passed me on the highway but when I got to town, I passed them in some of the most chaotic traffic Ive seen.
I’m not sure what all this means. Wait, it means we cant allow this economic disparity to continue. Sacrificing the environment for the 1% is bad for everyone, including you, me and Mother Earth . Higher Taxes on the rich not lower taxes and a carbon tax on fossil fuels are a start.
I think about lots of subjects while biking, this is just the most important topic facing ALL of us.


Bless the human race (not just America)


  1. Hey Jeff, thumbs up for your critical thoughts about the european playground. After your departure of Pramousquier, I got several chances to visit the other 99 % of French people. Smelly beggars directly near French most popular perfumeries in Grasse.
    have you already left to Antibes?

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