​​Sorry to my peeps, I’ve been busy moving from my apartment in Skofja Loka, Slovenia.  I’ve been in America about a month.  This is the first day of my 4-5 month bike tour of the Oregon & /California coasts.  I have some free days to play blog catch up.

I rented a car and brought my bike-great combo

I was using this tour to affirm my feelings about Slovenia and it’s people.  I did one story on my first days and nothing else.  So here was the rest of the trip in story and photos.
A hotel owner in Skofja Loka bought a new Hotel in Bled.  The previous owners had neglected the yard.  I had a landscaping business for 25 years, so I always like to share my trimming skills.  The day before I got there, they had record rainfall.



I’m feel so fortunate to have the freedoms that I have.  Having the time to help friends makes life worth living.  When I go to the beach, instead of laying my fat ass on the sand?  I bring a garbage bag with me and clean the beach.  Giving back to a planet and society that has done so much for me makes me feel good.
Na Skali Nature Adventure park is the greatest camping in Slovenia (or is it Camp Villi) it’s a tough call.  Again I worked my ass off, cleaning, trimming and laughing.  The laughing part made the work fly by.  The farewell Slovenia tour is going well.


Slovenia is such a beautiful and diversified country.  I’m really going to try and figure out how to live here.
I’ve been to Maribor several times and always wanted to boat on the historical rafts down the Drava River.  I called and reserved a spot with 28 Germans, there’s a party going on here.  They were drinking, singing  and dancing.  Here’s a couple photos and a video of the adventure.






I visited Sevnica, home of First Lady Melania Trump.  I visited the tourist office and they showed me where she went to grade school, they’re digging deep for anything. There is First Lady: chocolate, uni-sex skin cream, wine, a chocolate covered local apple & sausage.  I asked if Melania liked First Lady sausage more than Trump sausage?  All the bakeries had a special Melania cake, there was a presidential hamburger at one restaurant (there was no way I would support that).
Bringing my bike was the best decision.  I camped then biked into town which gave me the opportunity to meet people.  I think Slovenia has more thermal pool resorts than any where in the world.  I’ve been to 4 of them: swimming, herbal saunas, water slides, massages.
I stopped by Pelicon micro-brewery.  It was exciting to see their business doing so well, they just bought an automatic bottling machine, going from 400 bottles an hour to 2000.  Slovenia is adding more micro-breweries all the time, another good reason to move to Slovenia!


​I started at Camp Villi and ended at Camp Villi.  Visiting Tolmin, Kranjska Gora, Lake Bled, Lake Bohijn, Jezersko, Na Skali camp, Celije, Velenje, Maribor, Ptju, Olimje thermal pools, Sevinica, Čatež ob Savi, Novo Mesto, Koper, Izola, Novi Goriza.
Slovenia is a great country: Environmentally aware, Clean, good medical coverage, accessible education and most of all? friendly and warm people.  Every restaurant menu has a vegetarian page.  Not everything is roses though, the burning of wood for heat, is one dirty little secret.  When I cleaned my windows in the winter the rag was brown from all the wood smoke.
I’m planning to travel for the next 2 years.  I’ll be back in Slovenia in April 2018.  I’ll be touring the 4 European countries that I haven’t been to yet: Poland, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia.  I’ll be touring by train & bike.
Thanks for reading.
Next: my last month in Skofja Loka (for a while)


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