​There’s maybe 5 restaurants around Skofja Loka, and I plan to eat a last supper at all of them. Earlier I explained to Natasa that I liked to go out to eat.  She said she’s willing to go out once a month.  That’s 12 times a year, there’s over 1,000 meals a year. I explained the main reason I wanted to go out was to just be together and talk.  Not jump up and check the pasta or do the dishes, just hang out together.  After explaining it to her 5 or 6 times, I gave up, she just didn’t get it.    Now I can go out anytime I want and that’s what I plan to do.

As I got closer to leaving my Slovenian friends would ask if I was having a going away party.  I decided to try and put something together.  I ordered mini-sandwiches, micro-beer and a chocolate desert.  Printed invitations and passed them out to people who I thought were my friends?  I was expecting maybe 25-30 people, only 5 showed up, one being the Mayor of Skofja Loka.


I had been planning on keeping my apartment, I was so hurt by all the no-shows, I gave up the apartment.  I really wanted to move back to Skofja Loka, but I’m not so sure now.  Over the next 2 weeks, the people who told me they were coming apologized for the no-show.  To late, I’ve  packed up my few possessions and made plans to travel and find a new home, maybe Slovenia, maybe somewhere else?  I really love living in the EU, especially since Trump is killing America.
                                          ALL MY STUFF IN 4 BOXES
     I gave my bicycle to my friend Mateja, he told me the Surly Long Haul Trucker was his dream bike.  I told him if I didn’t come back, the bike is his.  I rented storage space for all the boxes, my life is such a mess right now.  And Natasa wonders why I didn’t  want to have coffee with her?  clueless.
So I ate, drank and biked my way around Skofja Loka & Ljubljana for the last month.


I really love Natasa’s parents, they always made me feel so welcome.  More welcome than N & S ever did.  We put in a bigger garden in their yard.  I helped them trim their hedges and fruit trees., multiple times. They would loan me their car if I needed it, no questions.  I wanted to take them to lunch and tell them how much I appreciated them, I started crying uncontrollably and could hardly talk.  I think they got the message.  I will miss them very much.

I could never find a shampoo I liked in Slovenia.  While traveling in Kosovo I found this garlic shampoo, Anti-Hair Loss.  As you can see it doesn’t really work, but I thought it was pretty funny.

This is a video of biking just outside Skofja Loka.


I’ve been looking at some old photos of my time in Slovenia.  If I find some time I may do a re-visit.   I just spent 3 weeks in my hometown of Portland Or.  I hadn’t  been back for several years.  Things have changed.
Thanks for reading
Next: More eating, drinking and biking in Portland.  Connecting with old friends

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  1. Hi! Nice to read about all of your experiences. Was fun to see you in Portland!!

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