BIKING THE OREGON COAST PART II: Yachts, Florence, KOA, North Bend/Coos Bay.

To set the record straight, the Coast Bike Route on highway 101 on the Oregon Coast, is no holiday.  The cars are fast and the shoulder is from nothing to 6 ft (9 meters).  I will NEVER-EVER ride the Oregon coast again.  I’m staying at campgrounds their max stay- 3 days, just to avoid getting back on the highway.   I stop at all rock shops and most art galleries, I’ve been sending myself souvenirs all along the way.  There’s a huge Methamphetamine and Heroin problem all along the coast,  very sad.  I finally got a hair cut.


I like stopping a art studios, brew pubs and tourist “opportunities”.  I stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory, The Sea Lion Caves and I rode the sand dunes in a dune buggy.   I visited all the places I avoided while living in Oregon 35 years.  Being a tourist is great, way better than working.

I’ve stayed the max 3 days st every campground they all have their highlights.  The Jesse Honeyman campground has a great swimming lake, with boat rentals.  It was record high temperatures in the valley, yet perfect at the beach.  I need to to some banking in Coos Bay, so I stayed at KOA just 10 miles from town.  Great showers, phone re-charge and all the ice cream you can eat for $3.50.

Someone I met in Waldport said I have to visit “Stonies” pot shop.  The girl in the purple hair reminded me of Jodi.  There was a rock show in North Bend, so of course I added to my collection, now I have rocks in my bags.  Sunset Beach Campground is the best Oregon campground I’ve ever visited.  Sea Lions, whales, great campground hosts and a so-so hike and bike campground.  Oregon parks have a great amphitheater show about different wildlife every night!  I’ve seen the salmon, beaver, bat and cougar shows.  The photo of the deer stalking the deer was taken with a night camera, (not mine)

I re-visited Simpson reef, it was low tide so I hiked down and did some tide-pooling.  The park ranger recomended that I visited the fallen “sitting” tree, thanks purple haired girl at “Stonies”  One of the volunteers sent me a photo she took of all 4 species of sea lions and seals on the beach at one time.

I’m in a bar and it’s getting loud and very busy, time to sign off.

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  1. Hi!! My husband and I had a lot of fun chatting with you in the brew house in Yachats. Your blog is awesome! Keep having fun and touring the world! -Denise

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