I hated to leave Sunset Bay Campground, there’s so much to see and do there I’ll definitely try and come back.  All the camp host and park rangers were great.  Everyone is super friendly and pretty funny too, (great combo).


I had smores with some Canadians and their 16 year old son,  good times.  I made pancakes for some fellow campers this morning, with marionberry syrup   The seven devil road was the best biking so far on the coast bike route.  The whole coast should be this nice with just a few cars.  The Charleston coffee shop bought me white gas in town and I had to stop this morning and pick it up.

I stopped a Mothers Grocery and had a vegan salad roll and coconut water (doctors orders).  I found a “local” “local” beer, Bandon Ale only available at 2 places in town and no where else.

Bike Touring is still the best choice for travel and vacation.  I’ve met so many great people.  I hitchhiked into town several times.  A group from Florida wanted a photo with me, it’s not the first one.  Sometimes I feel like a celebrity or something, it’s kinda fun.
Thanks for reading.

I’m in Bandon, the campground is about 4 miles from town.

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