I’m trying to post using my phone, WordPress has some (many), flaws.

Anyway,I rode out of Bandon late yesterday and ended up stealth (wild) camping (saved $5!). 101 is even busy at 7am, loggers driving empty trucks up and coming back with logs. I stopped at a picnic bench offered by the Langlois store ( great food and BEER selection). I stopped at an sea garbage art “museum”, the eagle is made from Garbage.
I stop at almost All art galleries and card shops. I took all the “skate” art photos for Kim my skate teacher. I collect rocks and the number of rock shops has been awesome. I went to a gem show in north bend.
The hiker-biker camp sites are only $5 per night with unlimited free shower. The now have lockers with charging stations inside. They have bike stands with cabled tools.
Cape Blanco is the furthest west location in continental America.
This is an all I-phone post, again WordPress needs help.
Try and enjoy


  1. Kathryn Reder

    We were down there camping a few weeks ago. Loved Cap Blanco! Here’s what youre missing here…”Next weekend is the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show near Cathedral Park under the St. Johns Bridge.
    The show features handmade bicycles and cycling accessories from Oregon companies and from around the country and the world.”
    Glad you’re having fun!


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