LIVING THE DREAM IN ARCATA: Hostel, Farmers Market, Kinetic Sculpture race (photos), Best cards ever and More.

I stayed at Prairie Creek Campground, with the HUGE Redwood trees and Elk sightings, if your lucky.  I hiked to the “BIG TREE” and other big trees.

     Back at camp a couple of women who took a wrong way hike, ended up in our campground.  They needed to get a ride back to their car, an $80 cab ride or?  I offered to help them find a ride, in which I was successful.  They promised to take me to dinner in Arcata on Friday, night, no call.  I wrote that off, but then I got a call on Saturday for a lunch invitation, they made good.  Super fun ladies.
I found the bike path into Arcata, if the whole trip was like this it’s would be a top bike route.  Of course I first stop at my favorite coffee shop, before the Redwood Lilly Hostel.


     I’ve been to Arcata 5 times, but usually just for a few hours.  One year I did ride & camp for 3 days with the Kinetic Sculpture Race. Some photos from this years race is HERE   I got so inspired,when I got back to Portland, I made a my own Kinetic Sculpture trailer.
I timed my 3 days in Arcata to be Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I wanted live music, Farmers market special events, people watching, card shopping and maybe tasting the local brew? (probably)
Friday night had performing artist, paper lanterns and the people circus was in town.  But the big event is the Farmers Market on Saturday.  I arrived early and it didn’t disappoint.  We”re talking Organic, Organic  and Organic.  Shakefork Community Farm even uses oxen to plow their fields.  I had a Vegan Black Bean & Corn Tamale, I miss Mexican food living in Europe, I think I’ve eaten something Mexican almost everyday.

    The Redwood Curtain Brewery is a must visit, super beer and fish tacos.




I’m a card (& rock) collector, so I took a few photos of cards that some of you may get.


     One of my favorite things to do in Portland was attend open mic comedy.  I’m heading out now to check out Arcata’s brand of comedy.  I expecting some pot jokes, for sure.
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  1. Hi Jeff, Eric & I are so happy to have met you today! Can’t wait to read your blog when we’re not parked at a vista point. Safe travels.

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