BIG! BIG SUR to SLO (San Luis Obispo)

I biked this part of the California coast in 2005? or so?  There’s not a lot of sunning type beaches, but the nature is awesome.  I made is to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and $8 + tax beers.

Another good thing about biking is you don’t need campsite reservations.  The hiker/biker sites are always available both in Oregon & California, I was never denied an awesome campsite.  The campground had a restaurant & bar with TV,  I got to watch the world series.  Bartender Bob kept my glass full throughout the game.

I stayed 3 days in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park.  The largest slide in California has closed the road at Gorda. It’s a 133 mile detour with a 7 mile uphill! I also heard it was a $1000 fine for crossing the slide area. So around 10pm, I walked around the gate, with in a couple of minutes someone jumped out from the bushes.  I thought I was caught,  he was biking north.  He was scared by the bright lights of Gorda, I told him to go ahead everything was closed.  Then directed him to my waiting area campsite.

It was late, but I made it through the slide area.  I started riding up uphill, enough was enough, I camped behind some concrete walls, for safety.  The next day the road was void of any cars, just big rock trucks for fixing the road.  I saw the same truck drivers all day, they would honk at me as I waved, pretty funny.  The road reflectors were all missing, someone found them and made some “reflector art”.  This part of the coast was some of the most interesting.  There was a great beach covered with seals and sea lions (video below)


Morro Bay is a GREAT place to visit.   The Hiker/Biker camping is only 1.5 miles from town.  Got my bike spoke replaced, post cards and did souvenir shopping.  San Luis Obispo is a great college town with many brew pubs and student priced food.  The “not to be missed” San Luis Obispos Farmers Market is a must visit.

I love hanging in college towns (I’m a guy).  They had a beer bar that allows you to pour your own &  whole wheat Vegan pizza.  The beer tourism thing is going over the top.  I felt back in Portland with at 300 people biking around town after the farmers market (video below).


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