ARLENE AND KIETH

     The advice from cyclist was to skip riding through Los Angeles,    (Hell-A).  Then one bike shop owner said riding along Venice Beach was super cool. It was a tough choice, but the train won.  I was told the train went along parts of the coast that had no roads.  The train reminded me of the train from Barcelona to Colera, right along the beach, good choice.

I wanted to stay right in Ocean Beach in San Diego, mission accomplished.  We all stopped at the hostel after dinner.  Arlene told me I couldn’t stay there and had to come home with them.  They only live 4 blocks from the hostel, but I really wanted to live the “OB” lifestyle, for a few days.  There were 5 brewpubs in OB!  The farmers market happened too.  I was wearing my Turkey T-shirt and a food vendor was from Istanbul.  We laughed and took photos of each other.  I left with a free plate of Turkish delight.

                         THE OCEAN BEACH LIFESTYLE

I signed up for a bike tour at the hostel, using my bike.  The ride leader would ride against the arrows in the bike lane, listened to his music and didn’t say a thing about the area.  He missed a huge opportunity to make some extra money with tips.  I broke off from the ride and did my own thing.  I saw amazing houses and dive bars (literally).

I stopped at the Mission Beach “old school” Roller Coaster.  People who know me, know I wash windows for my hosts, no different here.  It took me 6 hours to wash Arlene & Kieth’s windows, but they really appreciated it.

I want to come back to OB, as soon as possible.  Arlene & Kieth are super hosts.  They had a little bedroom with bathroom in the garage, worked super for me.
I rode my bike to El Cajon to catch the bus to Anza Borrego.  The homeless scene in El Cajon was over the top, I felt somewhat unsafe.  I got to Anza Borrego in time to watch my Seahawks play NFL football (we won!).  I’m glad to be camping again.

Thanks for reading,
NEXT: Biking around Anza Borrego and to the Salton Sea,

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