SERBIA: Part I Novi Sad


Novi Sad is the 2nd biggest city in Serbia and about the same size as Ljubljana.
I got the 13 euro private room, you get what you pay for, but also leaves money to have some fun. It’s raining my first day and hardly anyone is out and about. My hostel has no kitchen (13 euro), so I go to an English pub for an “English Breakfast”. I’m the only one in the restaurant, after 40 minutes & no breakfast yet, I ask for my coffee check. I walk around the corner, for 2,40 I get omelet, toast and tomato in 5 minutes. I get my bike rental sorted out and the next day, off I go.

Serbian Nikola Tesla immigrated to the USA and was a pioneer in electricity and it’s many applications, hence the Tesla electric motors is named after him. Monica Seles, the tennis star, is from Novi Sad. More Trivia?, I met a women who said her neighbor was Nikola Jokić, a top ten star in the NBA.

I’ve forgotten, but was quickly reminded, you can smoke inside & everywhere. They won’t be allowed in the EU if this continues. I visited a brewpub that was celebrating their new “American Football Brew” -American Pale Ale, I’m in. Serbia is the last place I would expect to see an American Style Football team. I eat A LOT of Mexican at home, but thought I would try Serbian Mexican, TORTILLA CASA, not to be missed. Best Mexican I’ve had in Europe, Fresh tortillas , fresh salsa, black beans, mexican style rice, green salsa, they killed it.

2 super sunny days of biking, but I like a shower, so happy to see it rain too, sometimes called Museum Day. I took a photo of a special artifact found from 150 BC, it was awesome, but the photo wasn’t. While walking around Belgrade I saw a replica, so I’ll post it in Belgrade,-Part II. The war time posters were pretty interesting as well.

I have my Albanian sweatshirt with me, but it’s not a good idea to wear it here. There’s still lots of bad blood between the Serbians and Albanians. But it’s gold in Albania! Enjoy the blog.Remember to ride your bike at every opportunity.

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  1. Did you learn about the sweatshirt thing the hard way? Seems like everywhere else people give you the thumbs up for that.

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