There’s some hills between Ljubljana & Piran especially on a bike.

There wasn’t much traffic, but it seemed 50% of the time there was a sidewalk where you could ride

Thanks to the pandemic, travelling outside Slovenia takes more risk & more work than I’m willing to give. I’ve opted for the staycation, vacationing close to home. So this summer, by using my bike, the bus, train or prevoz (ride sharing), I’m searching out Slovenian’s hidden treasures. If you adopt a combination of these travel methods, then the real adventures begin. Plus your helping protect the planet for current & future generations.

I decided to bike to Piran on the coast, by cutting through the mountains, not around them. I wrote to Crazy Duck Brewery to see if they had a tap room?, “No, but come on by.” I got a lazy start but finally made it to Ziri and the brewery is just outside of town. Little did I know “outside” of town was a 600 meter climb over a couple kilometers.

I used google maps the hiking route up to Crazy Duck. It was so steep I could hardly push my bike up the hill. I finally get to the brewery and ask Milos if he has a cold beer? He tells me he’s not sure he has a cold one? !*&^!%%^!&&*! He finds one & it’s cold! best of all, it was their best beer, ZEROVC a pale ale. He informs me that you can have 12 bottles delivered to your house for 21 euro. I ordered one (two) cases and so can you at CRAZY DUCK BREWERY .

It’s 4:30 and I need to hit the road, Milos says I can go left and through Postojna. I’ve been that way and wanted to cut the mountains. He said then it’s more uphill. I wanted to see the remote parts of Slovenia, so up up and away I go.

I started looking for a camping spot, then I spot Guest House Kmečki Hram. It’s closed, but a couple comes out on the deck and said they’ll get the owner. 30 euro with breakfast, the answer is easy, YES!
The next day, it’s downhill to Idrija, then a bike path through the woods and to car-free backroads.

The campground in Vipava, Kamp Tura, website suggested that you call for reservations. I call ask how far from town are the store, restaurant, you know the basics. She says it’s just 2 km, that’s close enough. I buy a few things at the store and head to camp. It’s only 2km, STRAIGHT UP!, again. Again, I could hardly push my bike up the hill. It crossed my mind to go back, to the campground I passed 7 km back. The hill killed me but I finally made it and requested & got a cold beer reward.
The campground is sports heaven, were talking tennis courts, basketball courts, football (soccer) field, rock climbing wall and the area is a climbers paradise. At first, I thought they needed a pool, but there’s some much to do, the pool would only confuse me about what to do.


It’s a holiday today in Slovenia and the stores are closed. I had peanut butter mixed with jam but no bread. Bojana baked me some rolls, so it will be BP&J for lunch. I’m just hoping there’s not so much uphill today.
I could make it to Koper, but I’m not so sure about Piran. So I opt to see how it goes. In Sezana, it looks like rain. I find Brajda Camping, Bed & Breakfast, 5km from Sezana, I almost made it before the deluge of rain. There’s a great (only) restaurant in town, open during the holiday, heck yea.

From Sezana, there’s a bike path for kilometers. The bike path & back roads cross you into Italy, somewhere? I started checking license plates, Italian, I’m in Italy. The route through Triesta is rough, no safe bike path/route, no road shoulders. I finally got on the Parenzana trail (I’ve ridden it before). I go straight to the campground in Piran, Camp Fiesa , it works.

I wanted to stay 2 days at the beach, but no. It was nearly standing room only in the ocean. Slovenian’s got there virus stimulus checks (200 euro adults & 50 kids), they had to spend it at tourist destinations. That’s why the beach was packed, I decide to put my bike on the bus in Piran and head back to Ljubljana early Saturday.
In LJubljana? Heaven, no traffic, no people, no tourist it was so peaceful. They’re all at the beach, I know.
Travel is great, low carbon footprint travel is important. But sometimes just staying home and exploring your neighborhoods, can be just as rewarding. Visit that coffee shop or restaurant that you always wanted to check out. No driving, 0 carbon footprint, support the local economy, basically helping your neighbors.
I hope this blog encourages you to explore our own unique backyards, cities & home country.
NEXT: I’m heading the Northeast corner of Slovenia.

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