I’ve bike toured most of Slovenia, except one part, the southwest. So it’s time to explore the backroads, breweries, and campgrounds of SW Slovenia.

The weather been a little rainy so didn’t leave Ljubljana till 3 pm. Stopped by Human Fish Brewery in Vrhnika, waited out a some rain, easy. Then a short ride to Logatec and a cute little campground, CASTLE PARK. It has everything you need, dishwashing station, shower/bathrooms and a very nice out of the rain shelter. Besides the campground, there are apartments and a good on site restaurant. I’m riding towards Idirja, then spot the hotel/restaurant Okrepčevalnica kmečki hram Robert Fortuna. I stayed here last year. The hotel hosts are awesome, it’s definitely a best value accommodation.

The owner recommended the route I should take. Advice is something that pays off and it did here too. It’s will be part of my top 5 car-free routes.


KAMP-TURA in Vipava is “UPHILL”, my ebike battery ran out 200 meters from camp, had to push it, killed me. Next day I did a 80km loop ride to Nova Goricia. The campground was serving Castra Beer, so I called and arranged to tour the brewery. Drinking fresh beer is always a good thing.

It’s hot here, so I’m searching for the campground with a swimming pool. I found one, the “pool” was an oversized hot tub. I rolled into camp and looked in the pool 20 kids and 5 adults. It was so full, I chose not to go in at all. There’s always a solution. Next day I rode to Nova Gorica. The HUGE Olympic sized pool city pool was only 5 euro for the day. I was going to wear my new swimsuit. Then I was informed that it was too big., What? So I got my “approved” swimsuit in the lost and found box.

I’m heading to the my outdoor concert. The route there was an awesome mix of backroads and some serious climbing (thank you ebike).

I camped at KAMP PLANA BAR 66, just 6 km from the event. When I show up to camp, the women/girls there were so FUNNY! within a minute we were rolling with laughter. So of course I wanted the memory photo.

I ride the 6km, then up a rough rocky road and there it is: stage, bar and plenty of camping. While setting up my tent, the guy next to me said about my Ebike “you’re cheating”. I responded with “and you drove your car?.” I explained at 65 I just want to have fun. His response was classic, “My dad’s 66 sitting at home on the couch watching TV.” I think he finally got that I wasn’t cheating. The concert leaned more to metal, than I particularly like. But it brought out some interesting people. This women was wearing a spiked color and other accessories. Her boyfriend had her on a leash while walking around camp, I asked to hold the leash (of course).


The music is at night, so during the day I visited several museums in the area. Krpanov dom is the wildlife/nature museum. It’s geared more towards kids and families. But the videos (in several languages), about the lynx, bear and fox were AWESOME!
Then I went to the military museum. Since there was limited electricity at camp, while visiting the museum, I was able to re-charge my phone & E-bike battery!. The history of America’s involvement in another war, was shocking, but then again, not. America supplied Yugoslavia with tanks and weapons. I also visited a non-military part of the museum

I was close to my favorite hotel, HOTEL KOVAC. So I, went for a few days of relaxation (no skateboarders). I took the route that goes by the Masun Restaurant. They have the best Vegetarian plate in Slovenia. I camped there one night.

I’ve biked so many parts of Slovenia, I know the best overnight places to stop. Bloke Jezero is one of them. I was looking at a bear carving from the backside, holy shit it looks like Donald Trump.

I took a different route back to Ljubljana. Another Slovenian top 5 car-free route.

I hope these photos encourage you to get out on your bike or Ebike. Once you realize how easy it is, you’ll be hooked like me. The E-bike has taken bike touring up a notch, for sure. I have no regrets “cheating” with my E-bike. What’s the other option? your car? Climate Change is real.


Thanks for Reading

NEXT: Brezice, Celje and ? (depending on weather)

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