Ebike touring is more fun than I could have imagined. I’ve toured the world twice by bicycle. At 65 Ebike touring has taken the experience to a whole new level of FUN! The pandemic has kept me touring in Slovenia only. Every trip I take, there’s always a road that is the “The best touring roads in Slovenia” .

Bloško Jezero (Lake)

I’m always looking for a new & different campground to visit, score. Bloško jezero, is just that place. It was built over many years by the owners. Includes an awesome swimming lake, glamping & camping, great woodwork & carvings, nice communal kitchen, car-free bicycling, hiking trails and a woodfired hot tub!


I went to the Floating Castle Festival in 2018 and thought it was one of the best festivals in Slovenia, art, music, puppet shows, comedy for kids. It costs 20 euro per day but camping was free. I always looked forward to the 2 Slovenian craft beer vans. They were no where to be found? I asked the organizer why they weren’t here? “craft beer is to pretentious” (WFT?). Another Lashko event where they probably paid so no other beers could be sold.


July & August are too busy in Slovenian’s Soca Valley and Lake Bled. Southeastern Slovenia, along the Croatian border is where you go this time of year, so I thought? I show up Sunday to Hotel Kovac, one of my favorite kick back places in Slovenia. Someone asks me “You know who’s coming tomorrow?” No? 300 Skateboarders. So I got to hang out with the 20-30 years old’s, for 4 days, good times.

I met Tony and his helpers. Tony was in a wheel chair, (from a snowboard accident), but hadn’t lost his sense of adventure. He had a special skateboard that let him rock the mountain. I rode up one day to watch the skateboarders. They said for me to wait at turn 8, the most dangerous. They were right, I saw 4 crashes. I carry dog treats with me, but I didn’t have enough for all the dogs in the campground, but one of the volunteers had her dog, so he got a treat.


I rode to Kočevje, with a broken spoke and a wobbly wheel. Martin has the best (& only) bike shop in town. Told him I wanted to visit Matt Brewery, he knew them and called them for me. I love visiting small, family run business’s, especially breweries!. I called Martin the next week and told him I visited the brewery. He said he knew (small town), they said “Best visitor ever”, thanks!


I rode to Straza and stayed at a small but, very nice campground called Kamp Polje. Good bike paths to Nova Mesto for lunch!

I have one more post, so far for this summer. I plan to map out the 5 best bike routes in Slovenia in a future post.
ROUTE MAP Ljubljana to Straza
ROUTE MAP Straza to Ljubljana
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NEXT: Vipava, Nova Gorizia, Mini-Woodstock, revisit Hotel Kovac & Bloke Lake

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