400 km and I’m at Albufeira on the Southern Portugal coast

I feel like I’ve been gone for 2 months, in reality it’s only been 16 days. I just biked one of the most amazing tours ever. I was told Portugal was bike unfriendly, that’s the farthest from the truth. 99% of the drivers were way in the other lane when passing me, honking, waving, thumbs up. It was super awesome. Using Google maps enabled me to take lesser used roads. There were times I wouldn’t see a car for 20 minutes or more. I couldn’t have had a safer mor enjoyable trip if I had bought a packaged tour, wait I packaged it.
Usually when I bike tour I have say, 2 weeks and so many miles (kilometers) I must travel in order to finish and return to work. Having a year to accomplish my goal of reaching Istanbul, Turkey, I stop when ever I want. I slept by a lake last night. I saw a 35-40 cm fish, Mathew! I feel so empowered being healthy enough to pull this off.


my bike is down on the right next to the lake
I stopped at a super mercardo and had a chocolate croissant, she took it out of the oven for me. I passed a wind farm, they wind turbines were right next to the road Amazing.


One thought on “400 km and I’m at Albufeira on the Southern Portugal coast

  1. So awesome. I remember those roads. I spent a month there a long time ago. I love the painted fishing boats on the beaches. Great little grilled sardines and octopus and stuff too. The weather looks awesome.

    You are still a ways off, but plan to stop in Tavira. A very cute little town.

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