Im staying at a campground about 2 km from “centro”. When I walked in he told me camping was 50% off, OK. $8 a night. I went to the pool showers only cold water, then I went to check out the other building, I could see the solar panels on top, I scorched my skin, that was the hottest-longest shower I’ve had in years.

This is the view from the closed on site restaurants, there is a recession here.
The huge water slide is covered with weeds. Some things in Portugal are struggling. But the Portuguese as host keep a helpful and cheerful attitude. The facilities that are operating are in top condition, in operation and cleanliness.
I wanted to bike from Sagres across the whole south coast, but since I’m in the middle and didn’t want to back track, I signed up for a tour bus excursion. For only $12 I got to see Legos and Sagres (the most western point in Europe). The were asking where people were from, I was the only American, it’s not that surprising, Americans don’t travel as much or as far as a lot of other cultures. They had these beautiful sweaters for sale only $35. I have zero room on my bike.

3 Dutch cyclist touring with electric bikes!

Yep that’s me, these photo stops on the bus tour never have guard rails, that would never go over in America. We were told at one stop to stay from edge because the winds were strong WTF!


You can see those people in the background , their being crazy for a picture
One more thing, in the off season you can rent an apartment with 3 meals a day for $27 a day! It’s a real recession , get ready America it could be coming to your town someday soon too

campground site

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