Biking Mina de S. Domingos to outside Almodovar

I was looking for a camping spot someone told me about in Serpa, In town some locals didn’t acknowledge the existence of any such campground. They sent me down some road on a wild goose chase, I think they were f-ing with me. I turned around and found a hotel, $30 with breakfast. It’s funny the beds & bathtubs are for short Portuguese. My legs hang over the bed and I feel like I’m taking a bath in a 1/2 size tub.. Breakfast was hot, so to speak. As I road off my tire went flat, the valve leaked. I’m down to no spare tubes after this. Anyway as I’m leaving I look across the lake and see the campground I was told about.. When I got to Mertola, the lawn mower/bike shop replaced the valve and sold me another tube, back to 2 spares. Another funny thing is the Chinese stores, like a Walgreens without drugs. I remember being in Panama the Chinese were the merchants of that town too. They are the merchants of the world, what do they think? There’s too many people here in China to open a store, I’ll move to Portugal maybe Panama and open a shop.
I camped in this gorgeous meadow filled with flowers and wildlife. It rained for the first time, nothing really, it was a nice break from the sun, saves on water too!
I’m very comfortable biking, camping, cooking food, shopping I feel so secure and unafraid of what is coming down the road, so to speak. But every time I say that I get tested.
I bought the mini-Ipad for map stuff, come to find out the phone is more than adequate. There is free WI-Fi everywhere, even the city parks.


These cranes had nest along 12 power poles in a row, then smaller birds had nest around the outside of the big nest, symbiotic relationship so to speak.

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