Tavira Portugal

I’m about 25km from Spain, in Tavira a town with 37 churches and part of a castle. I’m sad to be leaving Portugal so soon, but I gotta keep moving. I’m staying at LAGOAS a hostel, with my own room, I’m getting the low down on Portugal politics and the corruption from the economic crisis. The owner, is super funny, I think it the hardest I’ve laughed the whole trip and I laugh a lot. I’m sitting on the roof top terrace at 6:30 in the morning.
I’m thinking about going to Morocco, without the bike. I’m so close and the chances of coming this far again are somewhat slim. I really wanted to avoid a third world type country on this trip. I love the third world, but at the same time it’s some really hard travel, but rewarding somewhat?
There’s camping on an island not far from here I was going to leave my bike and make a overnight pack, but it doesn’t open for another 2 weeks.
The weather has been incredible, sunny & warm, the tourist season doesn’t start here for another month or so. It gets real hot and dry here, water here is like in Portland, expensive! I’ve got my sleeping bag from Portland, it’s a little to warm I mean HOT. I’m going to the Sierra Nevada National Park in Spain after that I’m getting a summer bag.

20130506-065320.jpg View from rooftop
I went to the Castle remains yesterday, again, where’s the railing?

I saw this guy while riding to Tavira, he wanted me to pay him to take his photo.

20130506-065826.jpg Do you think I paid him?
I’m meeting lots of other cyclist, this is a popular route.

20130506-071247.jpg Roger and father in law from Holland


This is Antonio, Sm…. ( I couldn’t pronounce her name) and their very friendly dog in the homemade Bob Trailer. They were from Spain.


<img src="http://j

It’s interesting that their using a bicycle to help sell which is literally thousands of empty Condos. Below is one of the many unfinished condo projects.


Tavira Clock tower shot from Castle with sun behind the clock
If you like this blog tell me, if you want to learn something else about the country tell me what you want to know, I might be able to find out. Comments are always encouraging.

5 thoughts on “Tavira Portugal

  1. Hi Jeff. There’s a great campground in Tarifa, Spain (wind surfing mecca of Europe). You might be able to leave your bike and stuff with someone at the campground and hitch a ride to town to take a ferry to Tangier (runs daily and less than an hour). Tangier is a typical border town, but still worth seeing. Say hi to Ahmed for me. : )
    Yes, you have to run the gauntlet in Morocco. Everyone wants a piece of you. Still worth it, though. I loved Fez.

  2. By the way, they love the Trailblazers in Spain! You will likely get lots of comments on your jersey.

  3. finally you are in Spain ? North of Morocco could be nice but be careful in Spain with the Police ,they tried to scam you ,some parts are difficult access ,only highway ,it is allowed for bicycles to ride it

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