Lazy Biker Report Quarteira to Olhao (43km)

My normal touring routine is 50-60 miles a day riding, not here, 26 miles. I stop whenever I want, no set distance (just to the next campground). I stopped at a electric bike shop and talked to the mechanic for 1/2 hour, he works for a dutch guy who buys everything from Holland. I stopped and had business cards made:


I’ve written this 3 times, last time. While waiting for the cards, where I had lunch the guy said that Olhao has great ice cream. I was planning on riding to Tavira, well I got to the turnoff to Olhao, out with the google maps, type camping and sure enough just on the other side town, camping. I pull into the water front area, it’s Saturday Farmers & Crafts market. I saw comkwats for 1 euro, I knew the farmer didn’t speak English, I hand him a euro and he fills my bag. The the snails were there too, but hurry they’re escaping, ever so slowly!



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  1. I’m enjoying your blog! Everything is cool here. Take care,
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