LEAVING THE AWSOME OASIS PALACE HOSTEL IN SEVILLE. Nico, Carlos, Andrea and the saleswomen Edit, made the Hostel feel like home. (it was home)

I like red and saw these $10 bike shorts, had to have them, look good with Blazers Jersey!

I intended to use the bus and train more, and yesterday would have been good. I thought about how I rode out of Seville, when I got to my part of the route I mapped out, it turned out to be a freeway, no bikes allowed. There were 10 policemen stopping cars, profiling, I stood and watched for awhile.

They stopped & searched this young couples car.
The 2 officers came over and told me this was a dangerous neighborhood and I needed to leave. I told him I wanted to go south, he gave me directions and off I went. I passed the tenement housing projects, garbage everywhere, graffiti, a part of Seville the tourist don’t see. As I was riding, a couple who were biking stopped me and wanted to know: where from? where to? and what about that bike? She took my photo with Manual, then I took one with him.

Manual wanted to be on the Blog, well you made the cut. Thanks for giving me your card in case I needed help or got in trouble
After parting ways I rode a bike lane for a long time. I found this isolated road that took me for awhile.


The odometer read 730 km
So Im back at the freeway that I was turned away from earlier. I followed a frontage road for about 5km then it ended (just like the sign indicated!) So I took the dirt road that replaced it. I could see my destination across the railroad tracks.

You can see the railroad tracks on the left. I unloaded the bike and made 3 trips with the bike stuff. While I was reloading a train came by.
So now I in UTRERA. I would never have found this town, I basically stumbled into it, because it was too late in the day to ride on. This is where the bike brings you places the bus or even a car wouldn’t. It had an amazing history of Castles and Churches. I went to visit the castle in the morning, they gave me the keys and let me go to the tower on my own, it was so awesome.




More photos of Utrera
Today was probably my hardest day riding so far,so to speak. I walked up a 2 or 3 km hill, after a failed attempt at hitchhiking.
Im tired, Ill tell about where I ended up later but it was a score.

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