Dear Friends,
     Natasa and I have divorced and I’m going back to the USA in June. I’m not sure if I’m coming back to live in Slovenia.  I had no plan B, (I’ll never do that again). I told a few people and they’ve asked me to come visit, well get ready. I love Slovenia and the people whom I’ve met over the past 3 years.  So I want to come say Hello and Goodbye for now.  I want to share some love and  laugh maybe a cry, a beer and a goodbye.  I rented a car, I wanted to bike, but I’ve torn the ligaments in my foot and can hardly walk.
     If you live along this route and would like to meet to say hello and goodbye, feel free to email me.  I will be updating the trip both here and on Facebook
Inline image 1
                       TOUR SCHEDULE
April 23 & 24    Camp Vile
April 25            Kranjska Gora
April 26            Camp Kamne (save my spot!)
April 27 & 28    Bohinj
April 29            Hostel & Camp Stara Posta
April 3              Kamnik
May  4 & 5       Velenje*
May  6 & 7       Maribor*
May 8 & 9        Ptuj Terme
May 10 & 11    Catez Terme
May 12 & 13    Izola hostel Alieti
*the no link destinations I’m not sure if I’m hosteling or camping
If you ever visit Slovenia, these are some super people with super opportunities to camp and share some good times.
Happy and Safe Travels


  1. Mary Shea Ruddell

    Hi! Hope you are having fun. Can’t wait to see you in June. Love the post cards you sent and I am really, really excited about the rug. HOORAY!!!! Thanks so much for thinking of me!!
    love ya, mary


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