​​I finally got out of Skofja \Loka and on the road.  I feel so lucky to be healthy and happy, still have the pulse for living.   I stop for lunch and notice they have a trout farm, unfortunately I already ordered pizza.  So \i buy 4 fish to take to Camp Vile.  My student waitress, Jana (were Facebook friends now), told me how much she loves The Fast & the Furious movies.  “I love Vin Diesel”.  American pop culture reaches all corners of the world, even here.


     I make it to Camp Vile, and the party is on.  I’m so happy to have brought my bike.  Will cooks up some trout, potatoes and pollenta, good times.  I ride to town and head straight for the tourist office.  They show me where \i need to go, where the rivers merge and to the Tolmin Gorge (google photos)
Where the rivers meet is a beautiful sandy beach and no garbage.  After Kosovo & Albania I appreciate Slovenia’s cleanliness.  I did pick up 2 beer cans and 2 bras, I’m just sad I wasn’t invited.  I ride to the Tolmin Gorge and photograph the heart shaped rock wedged between the canyon walls.  It’s a holiday in Italy and there are Italians everywhere, I took a lot of couple photos for them.

I stop in the Bovec tourist office and they said there’s a hike I need to go on to the water falls.  I love it when the tourist office is excited about the region and want you to experience what they have to offer.  There was mixed snow & rain on the drive over the pass.  The early spring flowers were blooming at the top.  I want to stay in Kranjska Gora,  but the season doesn’t start till tomorrow. . I go about a mile from the Italian border, to Ratece and find a nice room for 30 euro, it’s pouring rain.  This is the first town I visited when I first came to Slovenia.  I stopped by the Petrol station and said hi to the women who gave me the Slovenian flag to put on my bike, good times.

I have too many pictures so for now I’m using the blog to track my 3 week Farewell Slovenia tour.

I hope you enjoy, Jeff
Next:  Mostjana ( near where I met Natasa)


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  1. Hi! Love reading about your wonderful travels. Hope you are having fun. Looking forward to seeing you in June. Thanks for the post cards. I really enjoy receiving them!!

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