E-Bike tour Northeast Slovenia: Jezersko, Velenje, Ptuj, Gornja Radgona, Murska Sobota, Maribor & Celje

E-Bike tour Northeast Slovenia: Jezersko, Velenje, Ptuj, Gornja Radgona, Murska Sobota, Maribor & Celje

I’ve ridden to Jezersko many times. If you’re avoiding the crowds in July & August, this is a great escape for some great hiking and biking. I have some friends who live here. They gather wild herbs, grow mint and grow raspberries for making syrup and jams. I volunteered to help clean-up the raspberry rows. Doing this kind of work makes you realize how much work growing food is and how lucky we are There’s a super (somewhat new) pizza restaurant too.

Leaving Jezersko, the ride climbs up into Austria and then back into Slovenia. Before the E-bike I pushed my bike up the hill for 2 hours, Now? 1/2 hour of pedal assist. Logarska Dolina is a must stop and a hike to the waterfall. There’s always an entertaining host and the waterfall café.

I’ve been going to Camping NaturAvantura for years. It’s a great and friendly campground. Breakfast & Dinners available upon request. Bring your bike, if you don’t ride to here, lots of low traffic riding.

Heading to Velenje for what (use to be) the best camping value in Slovenia. I showed up to the camping and it was closed! So I stayed at the hostel, which is also nice, I stayed a couple days. They were having a beach party event a Slovenia’s 2017 Best Beach award, beach. Lot’s of hamburgers and a couple craft beer stands. Velenje has invested heavily in bike infrastructure. A good place to arrive with your bike by train.

Now to Ptuj, the best value holiday in Slovenia is at the Sava Resort. Swimming, eating and drinking for a couple days. I was walking to camp and heard something fall out of the tree? I looked up and there was an owl sitting there, supercool. At times the route was carefree with brand new asphalt.

I’m heading to go see my friends band and explore, by bike, parts of Slovenia I’ve never been too. The route was some of the best car-free routes in Slovenia. There’s no camping on the Slovenian side of the border. So I go to an Austrian campground. The guy started yelling at me that I didn’t speak German or any Dutch. I went to another campground that was perfect. Like I always say, “just enough English to get the money.” I wanted to take the camp cat with me.

The ride from Maribor to Celje had a 20 km headwind. Needless to say, the battery on the E-bike didn’t quite make it all the way (first time). I was in a village with no restaurants, but there was a self-service Pay-n-Go gas station. I did fill up, but didn’t pay. Slovenia is infrastructure smart, they have so many projects going on around the country. It’s nice to see these out of the way towns are not forgotten.


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