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My friend Stanley from France has a house in Morocco and has invited me to visit.  If I’m going to go that far, I’ve got some people & places I want to visit along the way.
Bike touring brings you places you may not experience, otherwise. When I biked through Colera, Spain 5 years ago I was only going to stay 1 night. After setting up my tent, I biked into town, I was here 2 weeks. I met Nuria a local artist who had her signature ants walking the street.  Hiking, Biking, Beach walking, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving & more can all be found in Colera.
(3 Photos from 5 years ago)
Gardening with Nuria, (you can see why I came back)
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ON THE ROAD AGAIN: Driving from Portland to San Francisco to go finish the bike tour. (part I)

The injury is healing fine ( though somewhat painfully).  I’m taking a week to get to San Francisco and hopefully heal more before biking again.  First heading to Bend Oregon for 4 days.   But first brunch at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood.  It’s snowing and my car won’t make it up the hill.  I must park and take the bus up.


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I’ve lived in Skofja Loka for 2 years now, still speaking basically no Slovenian.  The question I get frequently is “do you speak any Slovenian?”  The language (if you can call it that), is difficult, to say the least, I think that’s why they keep asking me.   It’s split about 50/50 the young people tell me, “don’t bother.”  The older folks say I should learn some, easier said than done.  80-90% of the people I come in contact speak English with me and are fine with it.  I need to speak when there is a group of people, they may speak English, but there not going to just for me, so maybe learn some huh?  Most of the shows on TV are in English, not like in Italy where maybe 1 or 2 channels are in English.
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It’s been winter and a little cabin fever is setting in.  We had some great sunny but it was also very cold.  I would rather ride my bike when it’s cold than when it’s raining..   There’s a walking tour called THE TRAIL OF REMEMBRANCE that encircles Ljubljana. It’s where the Italian fascist during World War II erected a barbed wire fence around the city.  I contacted WATERMELON BIKE TOURS of Ljubljana to arrange a guided tour, that was a good decision.
After weeks of emailing back and forth he finally finds a day when he’s available.  I text back “it’s -2”!  He’s convinces me it will be OK, so I ride into Ljubljana to meet him. Continue reading