DANUBE DELTA part II :Where’s the Pelicans?


We got up early for another long day of driving,  haven’t ridden the bikes, yet.  We are staying  4 nights in the Delta, hopefully a little bike riding too?  We’re earning our Romanian driving certificate, holy shit.   I feel like we’re on a Grand Prix race track.  I love all the road-side novelty shops.   I heard we would have to take a ferry, so here we go. Continue reading “DANUBE DELTA part II :Where’s the Pelicans?”

ROMANIA: by car 3500km, by bike 100km. part I : THE MONASTERIES & MORE

Biking across the Mediterranean  I was constantly warned about the troubles of traveling in Albania.  At the end of my journey, I picked Albania as the best country to travel through.  The people, history and nature were all top notch.  I heard similar stories about Romania, the Romas, crime and corruption.  Of course all that did was spark my interest even more about visiting Romania.  I remember when Romania was accepted into the EU, the shouts from the UK were “they’re coming to steal all our metal.”  No need need to worry about that now with Brexit.
We watched  National Geographic’s 3 part series “WILD CARPATHIA”, about Romania  I wanted to know more, so I watched it twice.  At the end I told Natasa “I want to go tomorrow”, her response “Maybe?”  She wanted to go to Belgium, no Belgium for me.  I said I’ll go to Romania alone.  She went into her computer room and found a blog that raved about Romania, then she was on board (finally). Continue reading “ROMANIA: by car 3500km, by bike 100km. part I : THE MONASTERIES & MORE”