The recent record temperatures of Climate Change requires we think about how we travel. Slovenian’s love of bees, nature and abundant water are all at stake. Slovenia’s great public transportation is a great option to help you reduce your carbon footprint.
I biked through Slovenia in 2013, while biking from Lisbon to Istanbul. Living in America it’s hard to be Car Free. But Slovenia’s mix of train’s, buses, Prevoz rideshare & a bicycle have enabled me to live here car free.
I was watching for some clear weather at the coast and found 3 sunny days the first week of June. The train now goes to Koper and with a bike it’s only 11 euro, cost less than 3 days of just parking your car in Izola.


I biked the 5 km to Izola and stayed at the Hostel Alieti for about 20 euro, depending on the season. When I travel in the off season, I usually have the room to myself. The hostel has a small kitchen you can use, I’ll make some breakfast, but like going out too.
Now your at the beach, the sun is out and you got your bike (you can rent bikes & e-bikes too). The Parenzana trail is a great route to ride to Portoroz and Piran.

In Piran, I usually eat at Ribič Baja, always good and affordable. This time I tried some new places, Fritolin Pri Cantini, comes highly recommended. For Beer? Cakola Caffe Piran has Slovenia’s best, Vega by Maister brewery. There a several quality arts & craft stores, this time I visited Nika’s Tiny House. Besides her tiny houses, she has some unique & original post cards, that she designed.

I biked to Koper to catch the next train, then I spotted the Ljubljana express bus. I was able to put my bike underneath the bus. Mixing travel modes is exciting and adventurous. Environmental travel is possible, once you learn how to navigate all the options, a car free vacation is something everyone can afford to do.