Biking Estromoz to Evora

Finally the first Bike Tour. It took 1 week from Portland to finally get on my Bike and Ride! While riding I was thinking about why travel by bike? First I really like the exercise, the flock of huge cranes that flew up while I rode by, I can hear, see & smell what an area has to offer. I feel more connected to people when I approach on bike. If I drove a car or motorcycle or rode the bus I would feel I missed so much. I’m fortunate to have this much time to do this by with a bike.

Riding through the vineyards with very little traffic

20130424-083742.jpg Carpets of purple flowers under the trees. They said it was wet year, by summer this place is brown (so I’m told)

20130424-084117.jpg You can see several overpasses are built but no road yet, due to the economic crisis all road projects were halted. Maybe Oregon/Washington’s CRC bridge project will see the same fate before it bankrupts us all.

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