BIKE TOURING POLAND: Lidzbark Warmiski to Bialystok


Attempting to bike tour and then blog using your phone? Impossible. I’m home now with my computer and cleaned up photos.
I started in Elblag using the “Green Velo” route. I only have a month and don’t have the time to take the Green Velo the whole 1250 km. Cars are scarce on the roads in NE Poland and the drivers are super polite. I decide to cut across from Lidzbark Warmiski to Bialystok using google maps, let the journey begin.


The “camping” here is usually in someones backyard, bathrooms, showers and full kitchen for 5 or 6 euro a night. When I arrived in Lidzbark Warmiski, I stayed at TURYSTYKA JANKESOWKA camping, the owners wife said he had the best breakfast in Poland, it’s true. Eggs, good bread, wild pig sausage that he made and deer steak that he harvested.

It’s suppose to rain so I opt to hide out at the Termy Warminskie (swimming pools & saunas). After, I decide to book hostel that’s only 2 mins from Termy, as I enter my CC info, I decide to just ride there. I get there and someone and just called and took the last beds. He makes a reservation for me at a hotel in town, nope. I decide to ride to a farm stay, which was a great move, 1/2 the price of the hotel plus they had a BBQ and pot-luck dinner, score. They introduced me to Polish vodka (it’s still vodka), I rarely (if ever) drink hard alcohol.

I haven’t stayed 2 days anywhere and continue to ride the next morning. I don’t have a odometer on my bike, but a guess? about 60-70 km a day. I’m constantly asked if “I’m traveling alone?”, I say “no, I’m with you now”. I was walking out a store and noticed a Guns & Roses T-Shirt. I commented that I saw them in San Francisco, as I’m biking Tomas rides up next to me and invites me to his house for a beer. His wife is making fresh rolls with jam. He insist I stay the night, but it’s only 11, gotta ride on. He calls me an hour later, “come back we got a bed for you!”


Poland’s houses are ALL really nice. As a former landscaper I can safely say “they are crazy about their yards.” Poland has the fastest growing economy in Europe. Not rich in resources but has invested in education, transportation & health care for everyone. Because of that there’s a huge middle class, unlike America.

Forests cover about 30.5% of Poland’s land area based on international standards. Its overall percentage is still increasing. Forests are managed by the national program of reforestation, aiming at an increase of forest-cover to 33% in 2050.


I’m watching the calendar and my progress or lack of!, it that requires I hop on a train. I didn’t find Bialystok that friendly, except for the SUPER Vegan restaurant: KROWARZYWA When I arrive in a new town, I type in Vegan Restaurants. There are about 8 of them all around Poland, fast food Vegan. I want to open one here in Ljubljana.
A local told me the south east part of Poland is the most natural and untouched. I’m taking the advice and train to Lublin, known as little Krakow.

Thanks for reading.
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  1. Hi Jeff! I enjoy your blog very much (I like riding my bike and am generally interested in everything slovene / or former yugoslavian, that’s how I found your blog). I recently started blogging almost exclusively from my phone (for full disclosure: I also happen to be a developer of the WordPress apps šŸ™‚ ). So this first part caught my eye in many ways:

    > Attempting to bike tour and then blog using your phone? Impossible. Iā€™m home now with my computer and cleaned up photos.

    Was wondering, may I ask if it’s possible for you to expand a bit on what is it you find difficult to do to blog on your phone? Also do you use iOS or an Android phone? I’d love to learn more about how you use (or would like to use) the apps for your on the go blogging. Thanks in advance!

    1. I can NEVER down load a video from my phone. When attempting to blog and update the choices are somewhat confusing , the constant dismiss or delete or ? I’ve deleted work because of the confusion

  2. Oh I’m so sorry to hear that! Could you tell me a bit more about the constant dismiss or delete or? Is it on Android when in post settings or elsewhere? I’m with you re: uploading video on the go, did you meant to say upload instead of download? Thanks a lot for your answer and time, I just want to make sure to get your message through and see if we can fix whatever is not working right. I love your blog!

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