Biking Evora to Amieira & first night camping

My only belt broke so I was going to hang around and get it fixed or buy a new one nope some kind of holiday, everything closed. The good part little traffic on the roads. I was told by my French friend Stanley that Portugal drivers are rude, that’s so not so true. Most drivers moved into the other lane even when I had a good meter and a half of shoulder. I saw maybe 40 lycra bike riders going in the other direction, cars are very good to cyclist here.
Their growing some wine & olives in Portugal that’s for sure, kilometers of them.
First, there is NO camping type food in the stores. I’ve searched every isle multiple times.
I bought elbow noodles, tuna (I only knew because it said “dolphin safe” in english),then what I thought was spaghetti sauce turned out to be ketchup. I was hungry after riding so it filled a need. Lunch is bread,cheese & salami with chocolate bar for desert. I brought my famous oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow, have no idea what i’m eating once it’s gone? I saw some baby hot cereal,maybe?
I,m camping by a lake, they said they had heavy rains this year, there are trees submerged in the water. I’m out in the middle of nowhere Portugal, how do I know? No cell service!
The fish have been jumping wish Mathew were here to catch dinner.
got service,
Sitting at the dam of the Gran Lake, after some riding this morning, eating lunch.





20130426-125950.jpg statue in front of bull ring

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