Biking Amieira to Serpa as many tractors as cars at times

It was the hardest day riding so far, I woke up sore oh so sore, I climbed a few hills. I’m trying to figure out how to put the route map on this blog, stay tuned. I’m learning to read the map and find very interesting routes, even whats marked as a main highway is just a country road, with a bigger shoulder.

As far as you could see in all directions, olive trees, vineyards even an olive tree nursery, for more olive trees. I can’t figure out who’s picking all the olives? by hand I was told!
I camped for free by the Grande Lago, thought I was doing so good. When I did a world tour in 94′ there was no internet & cell phones didn’t have google maps. When ever I’m a little lost I just whip out my phone & it pin points my location I choose my direction and off I go. It’s kinda of taken some of the “adventure” if you will, out of it. I like knowing where I am and all, but kinda big brother too? So I arrived in Serpa, Portugal about 6:30 pm and got out the phone and google maps type hotels, showed me three (with street views). Then I typed camping, and up pops a campground. I pedal over there and it’s $6 a night with hot shower and marble tiled kitchen to use. I’m thinking free camping is nice, but for $6 showers, kitchen? I remember reading about camping here and it being kinda of inexpensive. I was told 6 cyclist just left this morning, the closest I’ve come to seeing another touring cyclist.
I was here for less than an hour and met Darrell, from the UK. He’s holding a dead snake he caught and wanted to give it to the cat to play with, one problem the snake died before the cat could play with it. I just put on my last clean T-shirt “God doesn’t like me” from Lonnie Bruhn. So I’m thinking nice photo holding the snake?

I don’t think god liked the snake
I got my belt fixed today by the night time security guy. He worked all night went home and fixed the belt and brought it back this afternoon, new buckle, sewn on leather end and metal eyelets. He charged me only $6.50 I gave him $10 but the more I look at the belt, there’s more coming his way.


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