GOING CAMPING (FINALLY) (updated June 1)

I rode to the town of El Bosque its the entrance to Grazalema National Park Im stayed at a hotel last night. The both campgrounds are closed during the week, they open today at 5pm. Don’t ask me why I don’t get it? The weather is outstanding, not a cloud in the sky.
I watched bull fighting on TV at a local bar. Thats a blood sport, the bull attacked the horse and lifted it off the ground and knocked the horse to the ground, it was pretty incredible. The horse is wearing a protective cover, so it doesn’t get gorged. That would be a little over the top, then. The guy on the horse was spearing the bull on the back of the neck. So you can see why the bull really didn’t like the guy on the hose. The bull really does scrap the dirt before charging, in case you were wondering.
El Bosque is a Blaco (white town) every building is painted white. I cant believe this trip is happening,
Set up & take down can be amazing sometimes. I have to find accommodation every, night, most of you have a key to your sleeping quarters every night. Travel is not easy, charging batteries, laundry, 3 meals a day, pedaling is work when your carrying your house. I got killed out there yesterday.

watching a little bull fighting

taking over a hotel room


Its magic how all tha t shit gets packed up again


walking here is OK

Sunrise 1st night camping in weeks

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  1. You are getting close to Ronda and the pueblos blancos. Really beautiful there.

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