This has definitely been the micro brewed beer tour.  Lagunitas  brewery was a must visit for me in Petaluma.  I pinched the bus from Bodega Bay to Santa Rosa.  I called an old acquaintance (friend?) that I grew up with, in Sunnyvale.  I called him so I could come visit his winery.  He said he was too sick to see me, yet he wasn’t sick enough to go to work and meet with clients & interact with his coworkers.  He mentioned he read my blog when I biked across Europe, yet never posted a message to me?  The moral of the story? The rumors I heard 40 years ago were proven to be true. So Fuck You Bob F., I wouldn’t walk across the street to your funeral.

Lagunitas Brewery had live music, also did the free brewery tour (just the tasting part).  I woke up from camping with a little frog in my helmet, seemed like he wanted to join me on the trip.

I rode into Tomales and who was standing there?  No other than Russ who had married my high school girlfriend, Jody.  He said “come on over”, hey Bob this is how it works.  If you’ve ever hosted me, you know I can cook, clean and I do windows, I’m a great guest (at least I think so!).  Russ’s wife Jill came by the coffee shop, she was leaving for a girls only camping weekend, so it was a guys weekend.  We went to Tomales High’s football game, (we lost 62 to 12).  Russ was a great host and I wanted to show my appreciation.  I offered to take him for BBQ Oysters on Tamales Bay.  12 BBQ Oysters, chowder and a couple beers–$80 (without tip), welcome to California.

It was time to head towards San Francisco.  But not before I stop in Bolinas and Stinson Beach.  Bolinas is where the Rock Stars of San Francisco lived in the 70’s.  It was raining so I pinched a camping spot in Bolinas at the outdoor pizza kitchen tent.  Next day I rode to Stinson Beach. I passed a car in the ditch, someone stopped and said that was his boss’s truck that was stolen the day before.   Jody’s parents had a cabin in Stinson, that I stayed at from the early 70’s to 2011.  Stayed the day in Stinson then climbed the 1500 ft (500 meter) hill for my camping spot, full body sweat.  At the top it wasn’t raining but the fog was so thick, that it was raining from the trees.

San Francisco here I come.  I broke my kickstand a few days back, so I bought a new style one.  You have to slightly lift your bike to make it work.  I’m riding through Sausalito and I feel something is wrong, I reach down into my pants, ‘a mile from the Golden Gate Bridge”.

My intestines are poking out from a tear in the muscle wall that holds them in-called a Hernia.  I walk up the last hill to the Golden Gate Bridge and ride  straight to the hostel, then to the hospital.  I already knew what I had, they said they were a year behind doing those surgeries, may be able to do it in a month?  I posted ride needed to Portland on Craigslist, got a call in 2 hours.  I contacted my friend Josie (Dr. Drew), she hooked me up big time.  I had surgery within 10 days of the injury.

I miss my yard and garden the most.  Before the surgery I was able to pick: apples, grapes, figs, plums, paw paws and one pear (not even a pair!).  I trimmed the yard down too.  The surgery ended up being so painful, I couldn’t move or walk for that matter, unless I had pain meds.

I reached out to my friends for a place to stay.  I was unable to connect with some friends before I left on the bike trip.  So I called Kris & Toni for a few nights.  I had a super fun time family filled weekend.  Soccer with Ericson in the morning and a Tennis tournament with Alexander in the afternoon, both winners.  We had a great time.

My friend Kathryn picked me up after surgery, hosted me a few days.  Then Mary came got me, to recover in the country.  She and John were the best hosts every, plenty of everything.

My new plan is to drive my car with bike to San Francisco, leave the car with Russ and finish the trip to San Diego, Death Valley and Las Vegas.
Thanks for reading.
Here’s some post cards that only some you got!

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  1. just got your last batch of postcards! thanks so much. keep on keeping on. love seeing your adventures.

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