I started riding on Highway 1 and just 10 miles from Fort Bragg I was run off the road
twice.  If your thinking of trying bike touring? “ALWAYS” use a mirror they’re lifesavers.  I stayed at Mackerricher State Park, quail visitors for breakfast and whale skeletons.  There is a 3 mile bike path to Fort Bragg.  A great little town, organic breakfast, fun shops, good cards and a super rock shop.  I got my shredded shirt repaired by Sew & Sew, which was just bought by 3 lovely ladies a week ago, so I suggested it should now be Sew & Sew & Sew.

I made it to Mendocino, what a gorgeous  little town.  Got my belt fixed for only $5 and he likes bikes!   At the campground I met John who is walking from Mexico to Canada “to spread the word of God.”  I like to support the Vegan movement so rode to The Raven Restaurant for a super breakfast and the best coffee on the trip.  I couldn’t decide so they made me two 1/2 orders.  Eggs Benedict with Portobello Mushrooms and Polenta with sun dried tomatoes topped with cashews and greens.

I know this is a blog about biking, but the people (first), the food then scenery.  The biking from Mendocino to Manchester was nearly car free, so I was able to enjoy the scenery instead of worrying about being run over.  The “Pink Lady” flowers were everywhere.

I stayed at the KOA Manchester, swimming pool, hot tub, did all my laundry, ice cream social and the cleanest most together place I’ve stayed!  All for  the hiker/biker rate of $10 per night, I felt they were paying me to stay.  They did offer me a job, thanks but no thanks.  Sebastian from Germany shared the salmon he caught.  They paid $300 for the fishing tour-1 fish, ouch!   I had a couple bites, I thought they should enjoy it, they paid for it.

I stayed 3 nights, but it was time to move on.  It’s a holiday weekend, I should have stayed longer, the road was “SUPER” busy.  They were having record high temperatures at the coast.  I stopped by a little market and a guy ran up to me and said he wanted to buy me a beer, OK! (he took the gas photo).

The west coast wild fires are affecting the air here too.

I found some fun cards I’ll share with you all.
I’m about 75 miles from San Francisco.  I have great childhood memories of staying with my then girlfriends parents cabin at Stinson Beach.  I’m having trouble finding accommodation in S.F. maybe I’ll set up my tent in one of the many homeless tent cities?
See you soon

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