I read about Tubingen, Germany on BBC travel. College town, fiercely Vegan, average age 40 and to my delight a HUGE biking town. Camping Tubingen Neckarcamping, just 3 km from town is a great place to set up for exploring. The camp was full of individuals and families mostly bike touring! There’s so many paved off road biking opportunities in Germany, I see why it’s so popular here.

I took the bus from Ljubljana to Stuttgart, then rode my bike 35km to Turbingen. I didn’t check the map (another mistake)”:(, there was 4 passes in the 35 km. My first night there I met a women (with e-bike), she offered to tour me around town, heck yea. We visited a tiny house village, many equipped with solar panels. Pointed out good cafe’s, Indian restaurant and a history tour too. I spent my next days revisiting the places she showed me. I read about a Turkish restaurant, ADA BACKEREI. I went for breakfast. It was so good I went back several times for lunch and put together a lunch box for the train too.


I like sending fun postcards and Tubingen didn’t fail to deliver a great selection of cards.

Part of my bike tour took me by a shared workspace that was having a party and live music. I came back for the party, of course.


I spent only 5 days in Turbingen, if I hadn’t already bought my train tickets I would have stayed an easy 10 days.

Slovenia has super recycling and waste collection. I thought Germany and especaily Turbingen would to, nope.


I saw a story about Hallstatt’s residents complaining about all the tourist.. Then COVID hit, they were now singing another tune, “we miss the tourist.” The photos looked amazing, so I marked it as a “want to go” on Google maps.
I saw there were 2 camping options , then I read the reviews to help me decide which one? Neither. I’ve never seen such bad reviews, ever. I considered not even going there, they were that bad. After missing every train all day I didn’t get there till 9:30, they closed at 7. So I set up my tent and packed up early in the morning and went to breakfast. I came back to get a spot and told the women I stayed that night. She said, “don’t tell my Dad”, I said “don’t worry, I read the reviews.”
I stayed across the lake from Hallstatt and biked over during the day. Since the Chinese are in perpetual lockdown, the tourist crowds weren’t as bad as I’ve heard it can be. Girls selling lemonade, brought back childhood memories. I rode the tram to the top and did the short hike to 5 fingers lookout. It’s 5 photo planks hanging over the edge, too scary for me. The lake was a perfect swimming temperature, I went everyday.

The forecast was for 3 or 4 days of rain. Decided to leave early, my first train was late. Needless to say, I missed all 3 of my next train changes getting to Villach. Kranjska Gora Slovenia is only a 23 km from Villach Austria, 1/2 was flat. Great ride along the river, then I hit the pass to Slovenia. It was straight up, basically pushing my e-bike, as hard as i could. I considered turning around. Then 2 cyclist coming down said it’s super steep, I turned around.
Rode to some camping, full signs everywhere, I begged & got a spot. I bought a train ticket with bike, then I’m told it’s a bus, with no bike storage. I hung around Villach for the day & met a group of guys who’s job it was to train the people who drive the trains, rescued the day. They bought me beers all afternoon.

This is more true than it seems. I thought “when I retire, I could just kick back.” Retirement is actually as much or more work, than actually working. You’re older and your physical capabilities aren’t what they use to be. I don’t want to sit on the couch and just watch life go by, I want to live it. Packing for camping, camp cooking, making your bike travel ready, vaccinations,catching the train, making reservations, assembling the bike at bus/train stations, getting Covid. So, yea, it’s more work, than just kicking it. BUT WORTH IT!

Slovenia is suffering a severe drought, expecting crop yields to be only a 50% of “normal.” The world should be thanking those who are responsible for high oil prices. Climate science didn’t change behavior. Money is the only thing most people understand. I don’t want starvation to be the lesson for finally getting that climate change is real and has deadly consequences.

That’s the lecture for today.
thanks for reading.

NEXT: Finish Slovenian tour to Kranjska Gora and Soca Valley.

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