I had a bike trip planned to ride the Soca Valley here in Slovenia. The weather was perfect, rain. Not so perfect for biking, but awesome towards helping during the severe drought we’re having. So I changed my plans and headed to the bike friendly weather of Brežice. I’m able to rent a private room at the MC hostel, with bathroom for 20 euro per night.

My first day I did an 85km ride to the local deer farm. I rarely eat meat, but the deer goulash with buckwheat is awesome. The waiter called it a true Slovenian dish. I made it a loop ride and found myself riding gravel trails through winery grape fields. I ride an e-bike, but you still have to pedal, it’s not throttle only. I was dead by the time I got back to my room. It’s beautiful and so I took lots of photos, enjoy.

The next day it was Tuchka Beach Bar day. One of the top 5 places to visit when your in Slovenia. Great Pizza, great beer and right next to the river for a nice swim. The pizza is awesome, but for some reason it was BBQ night, Vegan Burger. It was live music Wednesday.

This was the bands first gig. The song writing was amazing!: “JUST GRAB A MOMENT YOU CAN CALL YOUR OWN”

I decided to have a meeting in Celje. Bought a train ticket to Celje, but I checked the map and it looked like a nice ride. I got off the train early and biked the 27km to town. The bike path followed the river and train tracks nearly carfree all the way.

Have an out-of-car experience, it’s simple. Staying at a hostel you don’t need a tent, stove, sleeping bag, etc etc it’s all there. I always meet interesting people from all around. This time I met a women from Russia, it was very interesting.



Next: Albania, I’ve been 4 times already. I’m taking my bike on the bus to Albania. Then biking to Valbona Valley National Park. Waterfalls, rivers and nature. It’s the only part of Albania I haven’t visited.

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